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(no subject)
No-IP, my DNS redirector, is down. until such time as this issue is resolved, my webcam will only be available via its IP address, at .

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

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And for something completely unrelated, I was looking through people's userinfo pages, because, you know, I'm so cool, and saw that you are a member of 'calculus'.

Good Cow, man. Whatever would posses anyone to willingly indulge themselves in such deviltry? I shudder at the thought. Shudder, I say!

:) It's fun! It's a dead comm anyway, but I like calculus and math stuff and all that neato speedo nifty trick stuff.


I just finished my last calc class I ever have to take in my life and I'm grateful to still be alive.

*goes back to phys and chem homework*


Phys homework makes me cry weekly. It's horrible.

Chem homework did, but I'm done with that. Yay for being a CS major and only needing one semester.

Calc is fun though, because I like math, and I'm rather good at it.

I used to be good in math, and then they introduced all this derivative business. I'm quite good at deriving, just not applying it to real life. I mean, who goes around thinking to themselves "Velocity is the derivative of speed and acceleration the derivative of the derivative. Yeah!"


Um... me?

I don't USE it, but I do think about it :)

*dies laughing*

Oh, I love you already. And no worries, that's how I am with Biology and Literature. We all have our niches, is all. :)

*licks and goes to dinner*

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