Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

[01:09:02] <rahaeli> sit somewhere where you can be sitting with your feet flat on the floor, and some kind of back support
[01:09:19] <rahaeli> first, we teach you the stretches.
[01:09:49] <rahaeli> put your hands behind your back, with one hand holding the other wrist. rotate your shoulders back as far as they can go with your spine still straight. (don't slouch.)
[01:09:59] <rahaeli> while pushing down with your hands.
[01:10:25] <crschmidt> so like, puff my chest out kind of?
[01:10:37] <rahaeli> yeah. if you were a girl, you'd be showing your tits to the world :)
[01:11:26] <rahaeli> then, do the same thing with your hands over your head. rock your shoulderblades back. you might hear popping noises, or feel your shoulderblades grating over your muscles. it feels weird, but don't let it worry you :)
[01:11:26] <crschmidt> now i just get to show off my manboobs.
[01:11:39] <rahaeli> hrm, I should watch you on cam to see if you're doing it right ;)
[01:13:35] <rahaeli> let your left arm hang loose at your side, and take your right hand and place it over the curve of your left shoulder.
[01:13:45] * jackola is listening to Empire Records / money (thats what i want)
[01:13:53] <rahaeli> this should put the tips of your fingers right where the knot is.
[01:15:23] <rahaeli> Then, after you've done that a few times, start back up at the top and "walk" your fingertips down over the knot, little itty bitty steps at a time.
[01:15:38] <rahaeli> Use as much pressure as you can stand :)
[01:19:42] <rahaeli> once you're done, sit up straight again, put your hands in your lap and rotate your head in slow circles. loose circles -- don't direct it with your whole neck. you should be atthe very range of your neck's extension.

[01:19:52] <jackola> <rahaeli> then slowly take your shirt off

[01:22:10] <xb95> Woah woah, I come back to Chris orgasming.

Mostly for myself: learning how to kill computer-neck. I'm also going to try to sit up straight more, so if you see me slouch on the webcam ( tell me!

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