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For those of you who watch the webcam incessantly, or just people who have stuff on Peanut:

"Apache.exe has encountered an error and must be closed" around 12:30. It's gone back up (at around 1:10pm), and I'm sorry for the downtime.

I really need a non-windows box. Of course, then I'd have to move my TV card, and find non-windows driver for it. I doubt it'd be easy, but it'd be nice.

asilvahalo is cracking me up. It's nice to be able to talk about sex casually, in a discussion format. I could do that in #lj_support, I suppose, but they'd bring lots of things that I feel rather uncomfrtable with. Anal sex just isn't in my realm of knowledge. And that's all that jack and Sarah? think about :P

I'm not seeing a whole lot of support for my year in review, people. I know sarah wants it (and i'll end up writing it just for her, because there's enough about my past that it'd be nice to let her know), but c'mon! Give me some reasons people!

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