Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

How many of you would like a year in review from me? I started writing one over Christmas break, but I never really finished it.

I don't find my life all that interesting, but I have enough journal entries to make a framework, up til july, and I've written on at least a weekly basis since I got the LJ.

Things to do:
  • Talk to Sarah :( I feel really bad about not getting a chance to stay caught up with her the past couple days/this week. Our schedules just haven't worked out right, and when they do, something else is always wrong.
  • Talk to sam about getting a ride back to school.
  • Read over the physics lab: It looks like a bitch.
  • MP2
  • Figure out code for "Watch that Thread"/CC lists
  • Go through and figure out which patches I did work on but never CCed myself.
  • Go through suggestions and look for Cool biz type stuff for pl
  • Come up with design ideas for new styles. Not an easy thing. Con Christy into helping me out :)
  • Figure out how S2 actually works. It's something I haven't done yet, and I've been meaning to.
  • Look up some docs on mySQL
  • Call Safari on monday. Again. This is getting repetitive, but they keep telling me their server is blowing chunks. It doesn't matter that their server is blowing chunks, if I have never been able to see my account balance, it's unrelated. Also, FinAid (feel like I'm in 1984 - MinAid :)) has to use the same damn servers. Don't tell me that it's the servers if it works on your computer and not on mine.
  • Go back and read my pl entry, and see what I can change. If there's something I can't change through the site, code the changes and make patches. Make mark talk to karl :)

Bedtime now though. Oh, and the list is in somewhat important order: It's basically in "short/easy things that should be done tomorrow", and "all the rest" :)

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