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(no subject)
Out of context:

[04:38:00] <xb95> lj sucks immediately?
[04:38:02] <xb95> are you sure?

In context:
[04:37:49] <crschmidt> Mark: I'm not sure how LJ does it, but as soon as a feed is added, they run a synsuck to get the entries. Plog isn't doing that. any idea why?
[04:38:00] <xb95> lj sucks immediately?
[04:38:02] <xb95> are you sure?
[04:38:05] <xb95> I didn't think it did.
[04:38:16] <crschmidt> It does. or almost immediatley.

Tonight I did a lot of talking/thinking on the new journal site that Mark is starting. We've got a lot more to be done, certainly, but he's already got a solid plan in mind for what he wants to do. I'm happy I can actually be useful. It's really fun to know that I'm helping out a site again, rather than what I've felt like I've been doing here, which is goin nowhere. It's fun :)

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I was thinking of switching to a new journal site...I wanted acutally to go to Blurty one but I couldn't stand the idea of their COPPA being 18. *would feel guilty*
But anyway I'd like to see it when it's done and such. :)

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