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LImit is off

Posting limits are now enabled. Read news. Now. (

DO NOT open a support request. DO NOT complain to me, to brad, to employees, to the site. THIS WILL NOT CHANGE.

Right now this policy/procedure is being worked on. It was not properly thought out/researched before being implemented. Currently the limits are

Free users: 3 posts
Early adopters: 10 posts
Paid Users: 20 posts

for the last 24 hour period.

THIS INCLUDES EVERY POST YOU MAKE! To communities, to everything. I don't assume it will stay that way, but it is right now.

I have no information. I'm jsut telling you.

The site needed something done. I know this, we all do. I don't think this was the right way to do it, and I definitely don't think it was the right TIME to do it.

Happy birthday to Brad indeed. *kick*
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