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I realized I hadn't posted the "sexy" story beyond a passing sidenote really, so here it is, in all it's beautiful glory.

Tuling Lam was in my math class last semester. She's a sophmore in ECE ( I think? Too lazy to ph) who lives over near Christy in FAR. Last tuesday, right after I broke up with Sarah, I was at dinner over there.

Tuling was like "so, what're you doing here?" Since she was in my math class last semester when Christy and I started hanging out (there were only about 30 kids) she knew that I spend a lot of time over there and all, and I said 'Who else?' and pointed at Christy, kind of jokingly.

She was like "oh." Then, out of the blue, she's like "You look really sexy, just so you know." I was like... uh... wha? I'm not really used to being called sexy, and I wasn't sure if I heard her right. I mean... it was very random.

And she said it again. She kind of hurried off after that.

Since then, I've been using it as a joke :) I'm not used to being sexy,mostly cause I'm not: cute, yes. I'm good at being cute. Not sexy. not on my life ;) So, Having a female tell me that I'm sexy is just... cool.

So, that's my story :) I still don't really know what to make of it. I mean... it was so random that it's kind of hard to identify the source of it. Of course, reliable sources (alright, so they aren't reliable)... Sources tell me that means she wants me ;) But, I have a girlfriend. and even when I was broken up for a week, I would never have been able to do anything: I was distraught. Blah blah blah. Stupid me.

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