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Happy birthday to brad, on his 23rd birthday, today.

My webcam now has a new feature: You can view the current viewers, and it keeps track of how many times you've viewed the page. Both the 25 second refresh and 13 second refresh version have been updated to use the database for stuff: the 60 second version never seems to get used, so I've been lazy about it.

Let me know what you guys all think about it: like it, don't like it, think it's completely unneccesary, whatever.
Disclaimer: Captions can be set by any viewer, and therefore I do not take any responsibility for the content of them.

I've got to start making some entries.

Been spending a lot of time DDRing at Christy's. Hanging out with #lj_support a lot too. called Financial Aide today and learned what idiots they are.

I'm almost out of food becuase of my roomates whore-ish friends. One of them ate an entire can of my pringles in one night.

Finished my CPP code for MP1 - even commented it and everything. It works, although I should probably clean it up before handing it in just to make it look prettier.

I'm actually starting to almost learn mysql. I installed kazaa to try and get microsoft office so I can get my machine back from kelly and set up a linux box, cause I want to learn how to play with that kind of stuff.

Figured out how to login to ews (unix) servers using both xwindows and ssh. Set up a web page for my math class ( Turned in my first homework (which i worked on with ndrumm and zach somebody) in CS231. Did my japenese map today, which was... fun? Sure. hard to do, because a lot of the things weren't cities or anything, they were just features. *sigh*

Did a patch for suggestions to make the suggestions page translatable. Also talked a bit with freso, a Danish Translator about stuff.

Rah says she's going to do zilla review this friday (of course, she said that before she started moving too :)), so some of that stuff of mine that's in zilla might actually get stuck into the site. At some point :)

need to think about this post by rah about sci-fi. She doesn't feel Battlefield Earth to be significant ;) I may just argue for the guide, it's been too long since I read Battlefield Earth to do much with it.

Should edit the webcam link in my style to lead to my new webcam. Not going to link my parents there though, as that could cause trouble because of the open captioning. I may set up something similar for them though.

Emily (ratkrycek): I emailed you some stuff for Athena007. I couldn't find her on your friends list, and she just poofed out of IRC, so I figured I could email you and you'd get it to her. If anything's confusing, feel free to have her email me

Oh, and most of you know this, but in case you don't: pie_is_good and I are back together. I'm happy about it. Very happy. I won't apologize for breaking up with her, because I had a good reason, but hopefully things will be better in the future. :) I love you Sarah.

Comments would be nice. I'm feelign rather unloved, cause I don't get any mail: but most of the reason is my own fault, since I haven't been writing.

I should go to bed: class in 5 hours. Oh, and as usual, thanks for the help supersat on getting my php/perl to work. Very cool little tricks you know, very helpful indeed.

*tosses post into /dev/random*

chemicallace: I really hope things went okay. *hug*
tenshisama: I'm crossing my fingers for you. Hopefully whoever fuxxored up will realize it, and fix it. If it doesn't work out, I can talk to my TA for Jap. Culture (the one who did JET for 3 years) and ask if she has a better Plan C for you... She's really cool, and might know something from being there.
you know who you are: I'm glad you and him are better.
xb95: Good luck with that Scheme project. I'd be jumping off a bridge right now if I were you. Luckily, I'm not :)
erin and asciident: Congrats on suggestions maintainership!
littledownpour: I hope you're okay.

Interesting comms: comm_news is getting dusted off by denisep. If you're actually interested in why LJ is sucking so much, or have any questions about it, GO! Ask!. news SHOULD BE ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST. If it is not, add it. I know some of YOU will never add it, but it should be on your friends list. For downtime posts and other related items, you should add lj_maintenance. An advertisement I haven't made is morn_cres, a Mornington Crescent game community (with a style I designed, btw).

For those of you that know me from syn_promo: I'm very sorry about feed stuff. I'm trying to work out a good way to do it now: need to talk to adcott about his stuff or email bradfitz about getting the raw.bml page changed a bit, to include some things that it didn't in the first implementation.

Hello to of_evangeline! I wished her a happy birthday, but didn't really say hi. Welcoming to my friends page liliaceous and chipb0i as well. aabashenya has been readded, as have a bunch of people from FAP since I've been spending more time there.

If anyone knows the limit of the size of an int in mySQL, that'd be great. Need to know how often to rotate my viewers page.

Recently rotated my apache logs: I'd gotten 15 meg of stuff using the common log file type since july. A lot of it was recent: those webcam things are becoming major. Hopefully, after v-day, i'll have 2 webcams again: that should be cool. Maybe I'll even pick up some IR LEDs ;)

oh, neviachiel came over and watched movies saturday while Christy was with her dad, which was a change of pace. I haven't seen Tuling since she called me sexy, which is kind of sad: but it's also kind of relieving. I still haven't figured out how I'm supposed to react.

Hooked musicbox1983 up with a journal, but she hasn't done anything with it yet. She was sick: hopefully she's feeling a little better at least.

this Is a cute pic I took a couple days ago while teasing jackola ;)

I need to hook more people up with journals, I've decided. Everyone should have a livejournal. They should all pay for them, but they never will. Although I think that telepwen may be close to buying one ;) Either way, support the site. It's good for the soul.

Need to make a real site for myself. I haven't got a real one that's up to date anymore. incorporate the ones from my tripod site ( with all my other random stuff on the net and put it on ews (cause ews is shorter to type than "students" :))

Apparently one of jeff's friends knows me (a gretchen?) Very weird.

That's enough /dev/random.

Time for sleep. 4.5 hours til class.
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