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Quotes and thoughts.\

Some quotes that I've been collecting from the news:

A paraphrased transcript of Bush's speech I typed out as he was talking:
.... A short time later, debris was seen falling from the skies above Texas...
The Columbia is lost, there are no survivors...
...on board was a crew of seven: [names] These men and women assumed great risk...
In an age when spaceflight has come to seem almost routine, it is easy to overlook the difficultues of travel by rocket and the difficulties of navigating the fierce outer atmosphere of the earth...
These astronauts knew the dangers, and they faced them willingly, knowing they had a high and noble purpose in life. Because of the Courage, and daring, and idealism, we will miss them all the more...
All americans today are thinking today as well, of the families of these men and women who were given this shock and greif...
...those you love will always have the respect and gratitude of htis country...
...the cause will continue. Mankind is led into the darkness beyond our world by the longing to understand...
...our journey into space will go on.

In the skies today we saw tragedy...As far as we can see there is hope.

[[bible talk]]:
"The creator who made the stars knows the names of the seven souls lost today."
...the crew of the shuttle columbia did not return safely to earth, yet we can play they are safely home...
...May God bless the greiving families, may God continue to bless America.

last radio trasncript, read by Dan Rather
Mission control, we see your tire pressure messages, and we do not copy your last.
Columbia, roger, buh-- [cuts off]

Random quotes
It's obvious that shuttle flights may be stopped, possibly for some years. -Moscow

We may be back flying possibly within a year. -American guy sitting in a room with lots of books

I don't know what's happening, I just want it to be better. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid (doesn't everyone?) and although I doubt I'll ever get into space, I would still love to work on the NASA program. I want to improve the space program, I want to make things better because it can be.

I want to get to space. And if I can't, I want other people to be able to.

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