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A meme....
From alicettlg, from leelu92

right after the Super Bowl

And everyone post that to your LJ! :)

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:) Cool! It's one of my two favorite shows!

[Daria voice] But that would require actually watching the Superbowl. [/Daria voice]

Not neccesarily. It doesn't say right after *watching* the superbowl, it just states that it's on right after it. This means that it could be just an inciation of timing, rather than an actual suggestion to watch both.

Speaking of Daria - you don't know anyplace where I can find episodes, do you? Since it's been cancelled *sigh* I want my daria back!

You don't happen to get Noggin on your cable do you? They show Daria at ten every night if my memory serves correct.

Hmm. I've never actually watched TV here other than TV land and whatever the roomie watches. I'll cbeck it out.

Not only does Noggin have Daria, but it also has quite possibly the greatest show the Nickelodean network ever made, The Adventures of Pete and Pete.

YUM! ALIAS! Ha...I have midterms tomorrow, so I'm not allowed to stay up. :( I must tape it for tomorrow. Luckily, none of my friends watch it (foolish people!) so they can't ruin it for me.

(And Pete and Pete really is awesome...they filled in Cranford for one season, and that's 15 minutes from me. Very cool.)

*Uses the "I live in England" card*
Bwah! :D

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