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Dreaming of you...
I had a dream.

For the past three nights, I've been having this really crazy dream about some strange stuff. I dont' really know what it means, so I'm going to post it here and let you all read about it and do whatever you will with it.

As a side note: I never remember dreams. I get a glimpse when I first wake up, but this has been very different - I've remembered large parts of it from night to night.

It started out normally. Something like a day of classes around here, although most of it wasn't in classes, I was just hanging out around here, being a lazy college bum.

I was talking with someone who seemed to me like it was someone about my age. She was really pretty - long hair, amazing eyes. Anyway, she seemed kind of like... a scientist or something. I have this image of her wearing a lab coat, although I'm not sure if that's really what happened at that part of the dream.

Anyway, she's telling about this guy who is really evil. She talks about how she thinks he murdered someone, up north in the arctic or something. I tell her it can't be, and we... look into it? Or something.

That's something like the end of the first night.

The next night, I was in the arctic with her. There was another guy there, and there were all these animals... They talked and stuff though, and they weren't normal animals. My thought (even during the dream) was something like "Whoa! they're furries!" I don't know what furries really means :) but it was the thought I had.

Anyway, we start looking into this guy that she says is a murderer. She's got me totally convinced. We find some kind of evidence, and as punishment, we push him over the edge of the icy cliff into the freezing cold water. I was feeeling kind of accomplished at the time - it seemed like the right thing to do.

That was about the end of the second night.

Then, last night...
I was still up in the arctic or whatever, and so was she. I was playing with all the animal like thingies - there was a wolf, and I remember watching it play, and thinking it was acting really cute and all that kind of stuff, and I thought it must be a girl cause of how it was acting. (Remember, I'm just typing otu the bits I remember.)

Then, the girl starts to kill them. These helpless animals. One by one. She shoots them, and pushes them over the edge of the cliff thing. At this point I'm trying to stop her, but not really able to (which isn't a surprise - i'm just kind of in shock). And she kills them all.

I was amazingly sad, because at this point, I realized that the guy we had pushed over the edge wasn't the one who had done anything wrong. She was. she, the mad scientist lady. And now, I'm alone with her on a hunk of ice in the far north. And she had a knife now (not a gun anymore) and she was about to come kill me.

Me: "You don't even care, do you? You just killed them all, and you don't care."
She then laughed, not quite maniacally, more like a chuckle, as in, you knew I didn't all along.

She then comes after me with the knife. She's chasing me around on this hunk of ice.

Suddenly, the guy we pushed over the edge pops back out of nowhere (it was a door at the time. but it was a flat ice plain, so i have no idea where the door came from) and shoots her. Boom.

At this point, the guy, his brother (who knows where he came from) me, and Al Borland from Tool Time/Home Improvment, all walk out and I something like "Ya know, I think we're going to be okay."

And then I woke up.

Okay, I think I might almost be starting to understand this dream, but if any of you have any insightful comments, feel free to make them. This is the first time I've ever had a multi-night dream. I have a couple other weird pieces, but I can't connect them to anything, so I don't know where to put them. Example:

I remember megaman on a power board sliding up towards something . I think he might have been giving all the animals a ride on it. At one point, both he and the wolf thing (that's the animal I remember best: he was blue) fell off and lay down next to each other. I thought of a slash pairing for a minute ;)

That's all I've got right now.

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   Now that's an interesting dream :D

al borland? what kinda crack have you been smoking? :)

sorry, i have no idea, jsut amused

well. i have an idea. but i'll stick with just being amused, for now. i mean... al borland? insanity.

sounds like something you could make into a really cool murder-mystery movie or book -- quick! get it copyrighted, before i steal the idea!

So I'm not the only one who has dreams with Al Borland in? Phew. I thought I was going crazy then.. Well.. Crazier. *snarfs*

Forget the 'worry about Al!' part.




"Whoa! they're furries!"

You're either working too hard or on something very strange.


maybe the dream means you should wear more flannel shirts, like al borland?

On the furry note...

I have a customer that comes into the store periodically. She classifies herself as a furry. Evidently, there is a cross cultural subsociety that gets in touch with their inner animal. They call themselves furries. She herself is some sort of dog or wolf, I forget which. She has a collar and chew toys and a tail that she can clip on. But you essentially become the animal you associate with in everything but actual form, and even then you try to have the more important elements of the physical form as you are able. I'm sure that some take it further than others, and I'm also sure that you'd run into some furries that you'd swear actually were animals excepting that they do talk and walk about as needed. I'd also imagine that some go so far as to not be able to fit in normal society.

I don't know if there are other things that furry would mean, but I hope this can help you make some sort of sense of something.

On the rest of it... backstabbing and/or murderous main characters in a dream are not generally a good thing, I would think. I used to have a dream dictionary that I trusted, but I long since lost it. I don't like any of the others I've found since. I wish I could help more.

"You don't even care, do you? You just killed them all, and you don't care." That exact quote is on an episdoe of boy meets world. It's this halloween episdoe where a masked figure kills everyone but cory and tapenga and sean. and then seans says that quote and then he pulls off the hood and it's him. oooooh, scary. or maybe it was cory.... hmmm....

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