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and so, after driving a distance of what felt like 15 miles, his eyes straining... our hero almost gave up hope. Nearing his original destination, he spotted what looked like a small black box along the side of randall road. He quickly pulled into his friends subdivision, braked hard,and threw his cruiser into park. Grabbing his flashlight with one hand and flipping his hazards with the other, he sprinted from his car back down randall in search of the black box. Lo and behold, our hero came across his CD wallett - now adorned with a cartoonish tiremark of dust across the center of the face. both surprised and saddenned now that he learned the found treasure was crushed he rushed it back to his car. Pulling the now bent zipper he discovered that case-logic built quite a piece of merchandice - all disks were a-okay! Horay for our hero - may he give hope to all lost disks out there! -daniel zenisek, upon leaving his cd's on the top of his car and driving off, to return at 1am to find them.

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