Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Current Mood: NULL Bug

This is a test of the "Current mood" bug thingy blah.

Web Client:
Test84 - cartman cluster, blank line in web cilent
Testish - cartman cluster, no blank line.
crschmidt - santa, no blank line.

test84 - no blank line
testish - no blank line
crschmidt - no blank line

LochJ 1.1
testish - blank line
crschmidt - blank line
test84 - blank line

More conflicts:
Web client consistently shows the correct mood list if and only if I click the "..." that links to the full mode.
If I click update journal, then click the "click here" link, it shows a blank line underneath the "none, or other" line.
Edit: Damnit! It switched up on me. Now it's doing the same it was for janine - showing up with ..., not with UpdateJournal->Click here

Janinedog has similar issues, only it's the exact reverse.

dougb doesn't see the problem on iJournal on OSX, nor through the web client, either the ... way or the UpdateJournal->Click here way.

hmmm. just tried the LiveLizard client (for Mozilla) and it has 2 blank spaces at the top, but neither make the blank line.

support request is , i'm deleting the entry after this one to tidy up your friends pages ;)
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