Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

haven't you always wanted a monkey?

I was tired.

I just laid down and took an hour long nap. (of course, i wrote that at 5pm, so I've been up for a couple hours now).

The room is set up. Sergio came in around 2:30, and brought his nice pretty TV.

It's a Toshiba. It's big. It's flat (like Sarah's new TV in the futon room). 3 inputs, including component inputs for DVD. Right now we've got the dvd in the S-video spot though. He just went out to buy a VCR. We have a huge amount of technological equipment now ;) I have my stereo (to which I'm going to hook up the TV outputs), the TV (which I'm going to hook up to the computer outputs) I have the computer (which is a nice piece of work in itself. I have the Nintendo (8bit) and the Playstation. I feel almost liek I live in this century now :)

I'm watching Happy Days - Sarah now has me addicted to this now :) TVLand is channel 63 here. Instead of channel 57. But that's just a dull observation so I don't forget :)

I picked up all my books today. Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up some used stuff for cheaper from other people, and take back my current ones (Physics and CS225). Tomorrow I also start classes.

I'm kind of scared. I know I've done this all before, but it feels very different now. There's no "getting to know you" feeling - everyone already knows everyone. I'm feeling like I'm going to figure out I'm taking too many, or they're too hard, or something like that. I don't want to do that...

I need to buy some more sticky-tack. none of my posters are staying up anymore. I also think I'm going to put all my photo stuff above my bed.

Sergio brought a ton of food. I haven't even unpacked mine yet, and people keep saying how much we have.

My speakers are being kinda flakey - fading between left and right. It's frustrating, but that's something I gotta deal with, I suppose.

I miss Sarah. I miss sitting and looking into her gorgeous eyes, just staring into them. They're so... mysterious. So deep. I always feel like I'm falling into them.

I need to do some zilla stuff tonight. Most notably, do a trans file for bug 540.

I should be going to bed early tonight (as in before midnight). Even with my nap, I'm really tired.

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