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Morning, Everyone

Alright. Last night I was exhausted, So my writing wasn't worth crap. In any case, I'm moved in (to a certain extent) now. My dad and I completely rearranged my room now - the beds are debunked. I love it sooo much more... but i'm afraid sergio is going to come in and hate it. It took a fucking lot of work to get it this way too, so I hope he doesn't.

(Sidenote: yay. replication problems *sigh*)

There's so much more sitting space now: I have the beds in teh corner, and they're not bunked. So you can sit on both of them, and that makes the room so much more homey, imho.

I haven't gone and eaten any dorm food yet - had ramen for dinner last night and didn't eat breakfast yet. I did completely hide the wires for everthing, so the room looks really nice.

I can't wait to have TV. I have the wires and everything set up for it: power, Antenna (really cable, but still). Have the original nintendo and playstation. He's got a DVD player and a TV that he's bringing. It will be muchly good fun and whatnot.

Webcam is working again, and is fast. Which is nice. I'll probably take it and take pictures of the room later, before we get it all messed up :)

There's a ton of storage space under the bed, which is nice. The fridge and microwave are under there. Blah blah. Rambling about my room.

I'm still lonely. Christy didn't get in until I was going to bed last night, so I didn't get to catch up with her at all. Sergio isn't back yet, as it should be clear throughout this entry. I'm not unpacked much, in case he wants to move things around.

I just sold my chemistry book for 30 bucks. That's as much money as IUB was going to give me for my entire collection of 500 dollars worth of books. I'm selling Andrea my photo book for 10 bucks, which will put a bit more cash in my pocket.

Right now, I'm off to TIS to pick up my reserved books. Tomorrow, After classes, I will go to every bookstore and see what places have used books that TIS didn't have, so I can try and save a bit of cash.

I don't want to go to class tomorrow :)

This song is for my "baby" - I love you kiddo, and I wish you were here. Then again, so do you, so at least the feeling is mutual :)

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