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What is S2?

What is S2?

S2 is the upcoming customization system for LiveJournal users. The style system has been redesigned from the ground up to be easier to use and to allow more customization for the average user.

What does this mean to me?

Currently, S2 is not in a complete form. However, users are able to select and modify some aspects of their journal via . At this page, users can select which style system they would prefer to use, as well as customizing S2 styles. Please note, however, that this system is not in it's completed form. It does not allow any aspects similar to the "custom" styles available to paid users using S1, nor does it allow the selection of different styles for different views.

Where will this go?

In the future, S2 may support fully customizable styles to be created by users. Also, there are plans to support the full customization of talkread and talkpost comment pages. These pages would be customizable to the same extent that all other views are customizable, rather than only being able to use a set scheme. This flexibility would allow for users to integrate the talkread or talkpost pages as a part of their journal, rather than a seperate entity. This type of customization may become useful for users wishing to set up embedding of one entry, or similar issues.

Please note that S2 is not formally supported by LiveJournal support at this time. LiveJournal can only offer customization help for users who are using the current, S1 style system. Additionally, LiveJournal support no longer offers detailed HTML or CSS help, so any requests you may have regarding these issues should be instead directed to a search engine.

Why S2? What's wrong with S1?

Basic answer: It's cooler, faster, and better in every way shape and form.

Techy answer: S1 was never designed to be a large scale customization system. It is slow and a processor hog. As Brad has said: "Styles were meant for me, and maybe a few of my friends to use". The style system needs reworking to be able to support the increasing number of users. Also, the new customization level allows for easier integration with template editing from the ground up - rather than using clunky overrides, users can now set colors and more using the S2 customization tools directly. This removes buggy CSS code that doesn't work on most journals. Also, the new code allows for very specific permission editing by sites.

When will it be done?

S2 has been in the works since before November of 2000. It is recently coming together as a usable system, both on LiveJournal and FotoBilder installations. It is currently being developed into a viable system for LiveJournal usage, however, no specific date has been set for its completion.

Help! My S2 stuff doesn't work!

S2 is not currently supported or suggested by LiveJournal support. It is still an incomplete system. If you have a specific issue that is occuring, that you have been able to reproduce in different setups and situations, you may wish to open a support request to list such an issue as a bug. However, Support can not, and will not, offer assistance with the customization of your journal via S2.

This document was written at 11:04PM Central Time on Sunday, January 19th 2003, because I couldn't sleep because of all the noise going on around my dorm room. It is not endorsed or supported by LiveJournal or any employees or representatives of it. I do not represent the interests of or its employees, nor do I represent in any way the interests of the company or any parent company.

Document copyright Christopher Robert Schmidt © 2003. However, should you wish to use any part of this document for your own personal information or as a portion of a response to any user, you are free to link to this document or to ask for permission to copy/steal/reproduce this work and stuff.

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