Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


Class schedule for this semester:
8Phys Disc
9Phys Disc
10Phys 112Phys 112
1Math 225Math 225
2CS225 Lect EALC150 Lect CS225 Lect EALC150 Lect CS225 Lect
3Phys LabCS225 lab
4Phys LabCS225 lab

CS 225: Data Structures and Software Principles.
CS 231: Computer Architechture, I.
EALC 150: Introduction to Japenese Culture.
Math 225: Introductory Matrix Theory.
Phys 112: General Physics (Electricy and Magnetism).

I'm moved in at school, and I'm very tired. I need to finish up my work on bug 540 tomorrow before I bite my own head off. I wish Sarah was here - to have her here, to share this room with, for just one night... *sigh*

I'm thinking about going out to bloomington this weekend to see erin before everything gets too horribly deep into exams and stuff that I'll flunk if I go home. She's going to chicago tomorrow - I wish I could come with *sigh*

It's nice to be back, although it's weird. Right now I'm just transitioning, since sergio isn't here yet. I completely redid the room, and I can just see him walking in and flipping out on me.

I'm too tired to write more. bedtime.

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