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(no subject)
I fucked up.

In the vein of "Everyone in the world is having a sucky day", I am having a sucky day.

I went over to Sarah's this evening. We watched Star Trek after being indecisive for 10 minutes or so.

I loved the movie, and I loved watching it with her. She was in a good mood, which meant she kept looking at me with those big ole puppy dog eyes, with that goofy grin.

That's a grin I'll never be able to see again.

I'm never allowed to come in her house again.

Because I fucked up.

Aint life grand?

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My sentiment is the same. What happened? (Yes, there is an echo in here, apparently.)

I can't imagine you doing anything so terrible as to be banned from someone's house...

*completely ignores the fact that you may have been cryptic for a reason* What happened?!

(Deleted comment)
you're crazy. but in a good way.

i have a friend obsessed with that popcap site. i need to go there sometime when i can keep my eyes open.

*hugs chris* hope it works out okay and is just a temporary thing, whatever it is :/

(Deleted comment)
Did you get an email from her? She was typing for like 20 minutes, and she said it was to "laura" - you're the only laura I know that she's friends with ;)


he is lucky to have a friend like you.

i just sat here and played that for over an hour. i hate you.

You think you hate her?

I played it for three. And I'm going back to play again.

Who Needs to pack for college?

I just have to tell you:

Mom took one look at that potato, burst out laughing, and said, "That is the most pornographic thing I've ever seen!" And wouldn't let it drop. "Look at it! Is that not the most pornographic thing you've ever seen? No, look at it from this angle! See it? See it?"


I swear, you are the king of vague posts. Feel better! :) See ya around when we get back.

That's a grin I'll never be able to see again.

I'm never allowed to come in her house again.

and shes not allowed to grin outside? seriously though, hope it all works out, and blows over or whatever it needs to do

More like I'm never allowed to see her again.

It's not just in her house that's the problem.

I should know at the end of today.

:o Thats a wee bit harsh but sometimes parents are, anyway ditto what I said above about it blowing over.

And couldnt you always meet like at the mall or something? Yeah, I shouldnt advocate sneaking but youre not that innocent anyway so I dont have to worry about corrupting you ;)

I'm being ambigious on purpose, but it's causing some problems in this case ;)

I was talking to her, and said something I shouldn't have said. She got upset, and had every reason to. I then said more stuff I shouldn't have said, which lead to her deciding that I wasn't worth ever talking to again.

Parents weren't involved (we try to leave them out as much as possible). It was my own fault for saying things I shouldn't have.

Ahh ok, I was under the impression that her parents found you two doing something they didnt approve of and then you were banned from the house.

Anyway, hope shell see that you didnt mean, or whatever....

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