Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

This evening

Rho - you got kicked off IRC, and I'm too lazy to email, so here it is:

"XML::RSS currently supports 0.9, 0.91, and 1.0 versions of RSS. See for information on RSS 0.91. See for RSS 0.9. See for RSS 1.0.

RSS was originally developed by Netscape as the format for Netscape Netcenter channels, however, many Web sites have since adopted it as a simple syndication format. With the advent of RSS 1.0, users are now able to syndication many different kinds of content including news headlines, threaded measages, products catalogs, etc. "

That should be your answer.

Also, I've moved the syn doc into docs, rather than doc, so it's at . I had a friend explain two things to me, so it's a bit more updated, although I still haven't plowed through the good-links function that causes it to edit old posts rather than reposting.

So this is isn't an entirely dev entry - today I brushed my teeth four times. My gums are still in horrible shape, and I have both a dentist and orthodontist appointment tomorrow. I just found out about 30 minutes ago that I probably could pick up Sarah from school, but I didn't get a chance to tell her that, so the chances that I will are basically slim and none. my ortho appointment isn't til 1:45, and I was told it was moved to 1:15, which was wrong. I have to be up by 7:30 tomorrow to take my mom to school. I'm trying to pick a project from zilla to work on. I need to clean my bike, I need to pack, I need to work on fixing my stereo.

I feel bad for a certain _ on IRC. She's in a mood like me, and although I know there really isn't anything I did to put her there, nor is there anything I can do to help, I still feel bad. *sigh*

Timwi needs to learn there's some battles you really shouldn't fight. They just make people upset. Yes, there's a hack in the code that really isn't the best way to do it. Yes, there is a user that is upset he can't have the username he wants. However, 676 usernames being unavailable out of 1.677*10^21 usernames possible is not going to kill anyone. And that math is totally wrong, which i just realized. But it doesn't even matter, because there are a lot of other usernames. It'll get patched/fixed, everyone will deal with it until it does.

Rah and Mark are two very cool people. I'm not at liberty to say more, but i'll just go with that for the time being ;)

I still think it's funny that i'm listed as a hacker at . I understand the meaning of the term in the form implied, but it still doesn't describe me ;) Hopefully they don't expect anything big out of me.

Hope you all have a wonderful night. Thanks to all those who have been so nice to me, and I hope those of us who may be down :-( will feel more up :-).

Seen on #lj_support today:
[23:56:26] * { is now known as }
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