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Today, I did very little.

Woke up around 9:30, called dentist, made appointment for 8:30 tomorrow morning. I guess that means no staying up til 3:30 am ;) Bummed around a bit, cleaned up the kitchen, had lunch.

Finished my patch for /syn/index.bml, submitted it. Had timwi look at it for me, made some corrections he suggested. If it goes in, the syndication page will be fully translatable and include a link to syn_promo. That would make me feel cool :)

I have a goathack account! Nobody knows what that means, but visiting brings you to the "La Server (8023)" ;) I need to edit the main page though, so people know not to make accounts there and all that, cause it's not a valid server. at any time I may completely delete the sql database and wipe out EVERYTHING! ;) but it's cool to play around with this stuff. I need to learn vi, though. Right now I'm using a text editor that screws things up all the time *sigh*

On a more interesting note, since all of you probably don't care a lick about my dev stuff...

I hung out with Sarah again on sunday. I was tired though, so I decided I'd just take it easy. See her journal if you really care. She's good at writing stuff out. And stuff. yeah. Basically - I went to her house. I watched a movie, felt bad for being a boy, we went to my house, ate beef stew, went to blockbuster, couldn't find anything to rent (although I took the oppourtunity to point out every porn-ish movie on the shelves), found wedding singer, went to her house, watched wedding singer, I went home, got online, did blah for 3 hours online killing time.

I love her. Just thought I'd mention that ;) I love her with all my heart, and althought it will be great to see all my friends again at school, it will be very sad to leave. Hopefully I'll be back for Valentines Day, which shouldn't be too long. 3 weeks is doable ;) I should know - I've done it 3-4 times now.

Right now I'm just webcamming for #lj_support ( and playing around. I should clean my bike before my madre gets home, and make her think I did something today ;)

That's my horoscope for today. Yep yep. And a two story movie theater is still really cool.
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