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(no subject)
Commenting and posting has been disabled for free users. ( http://status.livejournal.org )So buy a paid account, and leave comments.

(By the way, you should be able to leave comments on my account, since i'm paid.)

No longer relevant: Also, free users on the Cartman cluster ( http://www.livejournal.com/misc/whereami.bml ) can't post, based on my testing. However, that hasn't been announced as official policy or anything, so it may be intermitennt. my statement still stands: buy a paid account ;)

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The Santa cluster...


Hrm. Interesting.

Many servers are named after South Park characters. The user clusters are Cartman, Santa, and Chef. Catman rocks, santa's good, and chef sucks balls.

"What can I say? Chef just likes to go down a lot."

ahh! You cant pay though the phone any more and i dont have a pay pal account and that takes time to generate (like make sure he credit cards real ect ect) cant you guys take a credit card or something else.. ahh!

My paid account ran out like a week ago and im going insane.. and such

Well, it's reenabled now anyway.

In any case, paypal accounts don't take more than 15 minutes to set up - all verfication is done in the same amount of time it would be in real life.

A new system is in development for paid account purchasnig, but it's stalled due to circumstances beyond livejournals control.

When you say "You guys' - what do you mean? you commented to my personal journal, and I don't do anything for livejournal... and i don't know you. oO

Sorry I posted in the wrong place... im confused... btw... you have the cutest icon.. and im jen

How exactly did you accidentally post a comment to my journal? I'm so lost!

I had 2 windows open

one to Lj support... one to your journal because you had a cute icon...


Sort of. Except lj_support isn't the right community name ;)

Sorry, I'm just silly. Done now. :)

That sounds painful. You probably shouldn't do that.

oh yeah... try it sometime..

its really erotic

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