Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Hopelessly in love

Is it a bad thing to be hopelessly in love?

I fall asleep every night wishing she was there with me. Wishing that I could see her smile one last time before I close my eyes for the night. I wish that I could have her there, be able to look into her eyes just before I fall asleep and say "I love you" again.

I dream about her. Nothing big, just... sweet. I just dream that she was there, or that we were out doing something together. I dream about being with her. About going to a movie and sitting there next to her, with that goofy grin I get on my face when I'm with her.

When I make food with her, it makes me smile. Just being in the kitchen with her, helping her get things (we usually cook at her house, so I just grab the utensils for her ;)), it makes me happy imagining that's what things might be like in the future.

I wake up thinking of her. I lent her my shirt for a few days and just got it back - I hugged it all night. Yes, that sounds stupid I'm sure, but I did. I laid there all night wishing that she was in that shirt, so I could be laying down next to her instead. Just looking into those big pretty eyes. She has the most gorgeous eyes... big brown eyes that look so... deep. I lose myself in her eyes sometimes. Most of the world probably doesn't see them - she wears glasses that she doesn't take off very often, so hardly anyone actually sees those big pretty eyes.

I love when she giggles. I love hearing her laugh, whether it be at me or something else. I love how ticklish she is. I love how she'll curl up in a ball when I do tickle her.

I love laying next to her, cuddling. I love how cute she is.

I love so many different things about her that I can't even list them all. I love her, the whole package. I love being with her, I love seeing her, I love her.

The question is - is it bad to be so hopelessly in love?

Happy Birthday to beginning (yesterday, sorry Ashley, I had already posted too much ;) ) and to e121nc4mp05

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