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Some quotes by my TA and Professor on the review day before our Music final:

Ed: you're not allowed to leave to pee in the middle of the exam.
Professor: (shocked voice) Ed!
Ed: (abashed) Well, unless you have to. But then you will have to go with a guard so you don't cheat.

Professor: There's nothing new under the sun.
Ed: Except Teletubbies.

Teletubbies scare me, but I just found this in some old notes, and I thought it might make some people laugh.

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Sure, bring back bad memories of the time in elementary school I peed my pants during a test!

eeeww, i had a friend who had a similar experience in middle school because her teacher absolutely refused to acknowledge the fact that she had her hand up because it was during a test or something... >_<

o.o A guy at my school did that exact thing- left some papers in the bathroom and went and looked at them in the middle of the final exam. The Honor Council talked about it in chapel yesterday; he got expelled.

Agh! Expelled? That's... really really ouch. I'm glad I didn't do that...

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