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I just spent a half hour getting ready to go run errands - getting movie to return together, packaging up ink cartridge for mailing (btw, ln, anytime I type the work ink, I think of you now.) etc. Took a shower, got dressed, etc.

As I'm about to leave, I think to myself "um... self? Do you have a car you can take to run errands?" I think... eh, there's no way I'm stuck here in a district of no public transport without a vehicle which can carry me the requisite distances, is there?

I went and looked in the garage, and, sho' nuf, I have no car. No vehiclular transportation. If I lived in urbana right now that wouldn't be so bad - there's busses, and stuff. But since at the moment, I'm stuck in St. Charles, IL - I have no way of getting from point A to point B. And therefore the movie will remain unreturned, the ink cartidge will remain unmailed, and I will continue to be a deadbeat.

It's not easy being green.

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