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More Birthdays
Happy birthday to asciident and rahaeli on this very special day.

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Is that all you are using your LJ for now? Birthday announcments? ;) *giggles* I don't know when any of my friends birthdays are....hm. Well, I know Derek's. Because it's after mine and the same as Katie. and yes, I'm rambling. I have my srp done though. Now I just have to do some history stuff. yeah

Yes, it is.

Quiet, I wrote a real entry just a few days ago. And I should have done all three at once, but I didn't, because I suck.

Holy shit, i must know how you made it sparkle.

*stares at words*

Please tell me I'm not delusional and that they are indeed flashing.

You're not delusional and that they are indeed flashing.

They stopped flashing! And Chris, you can be the exception to the bandwidth-stealing criteria mentioned in ratkrycek's comments thread.

They're flashing again now. And I uploaded them, they just uploaded wrong. And my computer is sucking, and I hate dialup, and... yeah. that's about it.

oOOoo. Sparkly prettiness *dies from sparkly overload*.

*passes on birthday wishes here :D* :p

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