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Happy Birthday to blurtysunshine1/littledownpour!

Christy, you're an awesome person, and may you have many many Happy birthdays after this one! Sorry I can't be out there to give you a gift or anything, but I can guarentee I'm smiling for you!

"Sometimes I feel like I'm falling"

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Bah, you deserve a ton more, but I'm lazy and tired, and I've never been good at good wishes.

You don't fall back on your birthday. You get older. You need a better quote for that. *nods* I was going to say the dmb quote you should have used should be "Mom it's my birthday!" but I looked at it, and no. because it's in the context of reminding someone it's your birthday 'cause they forgot. so i'm at a loss. maybe you should use the beatles. or is christy klutzy and falls over backwards a lot? i think i'll post this now as i need to wonder down stairs to get stuff i printed.

I think you should wander rather than wondering.

You really want good quotes for a birthday?

"Bart! it's 6am!"
"That's right! hope you like your present!"
"Lisa it's your birthday, god bless you this day
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa
I wish you love and goodwill
i wish you praise and joy
i wish you better than your heart desires
and your first kiss from a boy
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa
Lisa it's your birthday, Happy Birthday Lisa"

"Mom it's my birthday! Would you say!"

"Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!
Today is your birthday, you're gonna have a good time!
Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you!"

Today is Sunday, January 5th, 2003.
Today is Your Birthday!

You copied those from your FOD entry. *sticks out tounge* And the simpsons are stupid. and i said the beatles. and i said the dmb quote didn't work, so :-P

The DMB quote works just fine. The beatles was fine, and you really can't say the simpsons are stupid until you've at least watched an episode. That's like the third time in a day I've mentioned something like that to you. You must have experience with something before bashing it.

I've seen three episodes of the simpsons.

Every dog has its day every day has its way
Of being forgotten - "Mom it's my birthday"

Nope, it doesn't. I looked this up (because for some reason I just feel like being an ass? XD) and....his mom forgot his birthday. He has to remind her that it's his birthday. That's not cool.

3 Episodes is nothing. There's probably upwards of 200 of them - you haven't even seen 2% of the total episodes. That's like watching 4 minutes of a movie and saying you hate it. Not even the first three minutes, but three random minutes somewhere in the movie.

My parents never tell me Happy Birthday on my birthday. This stuff happens. So it's said as a hope that this doesn't actually happen to Christy, cause it's just not fair.

probably more like 275ish.

Happy birthday to you...
This is your day,
On this day for you
We're gonna love you in every way
This is your day, your day, happy birthday to you...

-New Kids on the block

Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you!

It's time to celebrate your birthday, it happens every year, we'll eat a lot of brocoli and drink a lot of beer.
You should good and happy that there's something you can eat, a million people every day are starving in the street.
Your daddy's in the gutter with a wretched and the poor, your momma's in the kitchen with a can of cycle four
There's garbage in the water, there's poison in the sky, I guess it won't be long before we're all going to die!
-Weird Al

Believe it or not, today actually is, Christy's birthday.
We'd like to wish Christy... a Happy Birthday.
And we'd like to invite her up here.
C'mon up, Christy!
-Modified version of Phish's Happy Birthday Jam

So there. You didn't mention any of those.

*sticks out tounge* Well, I win with the dmb quote.

Oh, and ewww, not weird al on your birthday. that's...just...scary! eeee.

Weird al is fun! Even on your birthday. So :-P

But...but...weird al is fun! but do you want that stuff to happen on your birthday? I don't!

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