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Since 1-1-03
Still haven't got up the energy/time/whatever to put up a year in review. I've been doing some boring stuff for the last couple days - bumming around, hanging out with Sarah. I'm becoming addicted to Mario Sunshine on the gamecube.

I've been feeling like crap lately - horrible headache last night, went to bed at 10:30 and was asleep by 11. Woke up at 4:30 and tossed and turned for an hour before falling back asleep. Woke up again at 7:30 (a much more decent hour, let me tell you.)

Jewel has definitely told me they aren't going to hire me this month. They're apparently on a hiring freeze, which means that I can't come back to my job. That is totally the suck. *sigh* I was hoping for some money.

I've begun sorting and organizing all my mp3s. I've done about 200 of them (900 meg) - all full cds which are now labeled with Track numbers so they load in winamp in the correct album order. It's actually kind of nice to just have them do that automatically. I used to always have to resort them every time, which was annoying. It was okay to listen to some cds out of order, but Dave Matthews Band concerts don't exactly work ;) Also, the "A Night at the Roxbury" soundtrack all flows much better.

I just realized I never wrote about NYE...

I picked up Sarah aruond 7:45 and dragged her back to my house. We just hung out and played original NES for an hour or so until derek and erin showed up around 9. We all kind of sat around for a while and stared at each for a bit. Then we stuck Breakfast at Tiffanys in. That would be a movie that I think I would need to watch myself sometime to really get ;) It was an oldie, and one that Erin got for Christmas. We then played a game of pool and then just spent some time cuddling before the strike of the bell. And at midnight... I had Sarah in my arms to kiss. The first time in my life I had a girl around on NYE. It was very nice. My toast - "May 2003 be better than 2002." Not that 2k2 was bad, of course, but better is always good :) All in all, a really good evening. Erin and I drove Sarah and Derek home around 12:30.

Wednesday was spent with the afternoon at Sarah's. We played Gamecube, and that was it. ;) We then came back to my house for pork tenderloin dinner and watching movies with my family. Final Fantasy (which I love) and Office Space (which is just hilarious). After the movies we just sat in the Family room for a bit. I looked up at the pretty lights the tree makes on the ceiling, while Sarah just laughed at me *sniff*. I know I'm a weirdo, but I like the pretty lights on the ceiling.

Yesterday Sarah and I just hung out all day, and then I left at dinner time and spent the night at my house. I was hoping I could hook up with Huberty and watch American Beauty, but that didn't work out. Then my headache came on and I decided to just go to sleep early.

So that's me. Today I have to help put away some Christmas decorations away, then probably spend the day at Sarah's again. Hopefully hook up with Derek and Erin and watch a flick (have I typed that already? I feel like I have, but I couldn't find it *shrug*)

I hope everyone had a great New Year. Some of you are already going through rough times. I also am here for ya'll any time. I'm a pretty good listener most of the time, and... eh. I dunno. I'm here ;)

Happy New Year, everyone.

"We would never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world." -Helen Keller

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Sounds like a wonderful New Years Eve. I'm glad you had such a good time.

Bumming around is fun-- I've been doing it since we got back on Wednesday night, and I did it all last week. Today I actually have to go out and do stuff, though, like get started on my New Years Resolution from 2000 to lose weight and exercise.

woo for organized mp3s.

no woo for headaches or jewel.

mario is addictive. i want yoshi, damnit.

final fantasy was okay. i don't know, i just have this thing with animated stuff shouldn't be serious. monster's inc, ice age, okay, fine. they're stupid and giggly. but final fantasy i would have rather seen real people because...yeah. that's why i don't like anime either. something just bugs me. real people! reaaaall!

office space is funny though

i'm rambling, weee.

i don't think you've typed it here. maybe in an im.

merry new year! i kissed you at midnight. :)

i love you!

Eh, at least you like your old job well enough to want to go back to it. More than I can say for mine.

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