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The meme

Friends Meme starting -
(lala - updated at 1:34)

you are interesting. You're one of the SA g00ns, and you have interesting stories to tell about them. There's strange obsessions about people named bob by you, and that is weird.

you were gone for a LONG time and recently came back. I stole your old lastn style and developed a full set from it. It's a very pretty style, but it got kind of dark after a while. You're very insightful, and fun to read.

this is a syn feed that I really enjoy - it's nice to wake up to a pretty astronomy picture.

I met you in support. You used to be her, but you aren't anymore. You go through a lot of rough times, and sometimes I feel like I'm no help at all. I hope that things work out okay, even though your category has kind of dissapeared. I like reading what you write, it just makes me feel helpless.

You are a mod on #lj_support, which is how I know you. You're also the UPI boss. I don't really remember when or why I added you, but you say interesting things. You also act way older than you are, which is very confusing to me. I know him because of you, Which isn't all that bad either :) You design really neat looking webpages, and are smart about design and stuff like that - it's always nice to have people like that around, considering how much I suck at it ;)

You are a mettie. Like so many others on my list, you say interesting things, so I keep reading ;)

You are a manatee. Just look at your icon, it's a manatee! And it says moo. And you flipperwhack people. You write really long entries sometimes that I love reading - I love hearing about you. You're interesting, and you are very good at making me feel better. You're really really smart, and you're just... friendly. Nice. etc. etc. etc. Yeah. You made me a manatee, but I never used it. I should. it has my name on it.

You made me do cust. It was very fun. It was a really good thing for me, until they pulled the rug out from under it. I had fun at it, and goddamnit, I was good at it. You were my unofficial mentor until you ran away to them, and now I really don't talk to you anymore. But you were and are important to me. Besides, I have 3 of your points, and someday I'm going to figure out how to use them for something :)

ah, you... What ever sahll we do with you? Slash loving, Harry twiting you are. You amuse me. You ake me giggle, an and... um... *threatens with bamboo*

You are a CSS god. You can do things in your head that most of us couldn't dream of. You and her are interesting. I don't really think you like me and he said that way back when, but you're really smart and I like reading your stuff.

You started in support recently. I call you Mike, even though you're really buba. You live in Louisiana, and you're a southerner at heart. You're always talking about work. La. Don't really know much else about you.

You live in chambana somewhere. I met you when you went code begging a while ago, I think :) You'r ea senior in HS hoping to attend our beloved Uni as a music major next year. You don't write very often, but I like your entries. You tend to be emotional, which is cool. They're also generally fun, which I don't have a lot of sometimes.

umm... a mettie, of some kind? I picked you up somewhere. Descriptive, aren't I?

You and I have a kind of on again off again relatioinship. Sometimes I really feel for you - you do seem to have a lot of tought times. On the other hand, sometimes you seem like you ask for some of what you get. You seem to force yourself on people, like her, but that's made you really well known by some people, and earned you a lot of friends. Final answer? I just don't know!

I've always been a big admirer of you. Like her, you are a style goddess, You make really pretty things happen to your journal, which is fun and cool. You're another one of those who acts older than her age, which is cool and stuff.

added you cause She told me to. Kept you because you make me laugh. You always seem to know how to cheer me up, which is nice and friendly.

you're just her in disguise. You're young, impressionable, and goofy. So I keep you ;)

picked you up sometime around the great news post day. You're really introspective and often post through provoking and interesting posts (unlike me ;)). My biggest regret is that you don't post more often - I don't comment as much as I should, but I love reading through your stuff.

the girl who has helped me keep Sarah so many time... How could I forget you? Your help means more than I can say, and I"m always glad to help you in any way I can.

you are my best friend in the world. We've gone through so much together - the Katherine years, Obese Pigeon and Amadillo roadkill, Bio/chem, Mr. Parker, him, her... You've always been there for me, and I hope you continue to be. I wish we could not be so far apart. But hey, that's life, right? *hugs* I lessthanthree you, and always will. *nods*

you've never struck me as one of my allies in a lot of things. I remember lots of times where you've corrected me on HS stuff that made me feel stupid. But reading through your journal gives mea lot better look at you than anything else did. I feel like I know you a bit better now, and I feel better for it.

you're another of those new support people. You're still getting started, and you don't journal much, so I don't know much about you. You're firendly though, and if you ever do start writing a bit more, I'll be happy to read it all.

you I like. I don't always agree with you, but you're so very different from me that I love reading. You get to see her when I don't, so I need to keep on eye on you and make sure you take good care of her. I hope you realize your potential - there's tons of it there waiting for you to use it. Be smart, and you'll go far.

less than 6 months for you. I called you that one time. You're smart, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in the future. Like the guy above you, you've got a lot of potential, and I think you have a good chance of using it.

no idea who you are. HP fandom somebody, I think. You're also in college, I think. I just know that I like what I read.

you're at UIUC with me. You seem to be a lot more social than me, which sometimes has disasterous results. I think you're getting close to the end of school, and I hope you make it there okay.

my old mentor! Oh how I wish we still had cust requests to kick around. You're a really awesome girl, and you and him have always been really nice to me. You rock, and I'll never forget all the stuff you've done for me.

you are one tough cookie. You play tennis in 120 degree heat, for goodness sakes. Add to that everything else you just seem to be able to do... you're incredible. Not only that, but you're always willing to listen to me blaber on about my life, which is nice. Keep your chin up kiddo, and you'll be great.

when you're at school, you're the most happy go lucky kid in the world. When your'e at home, you hate it. I really feel for you. I hope things get better for you. I met you in chambna, and you recognized me at dinner one night. You call me frizt, and you make me feel loved. I'm glad I know you.

met you in that news post too. You also know her, but that's not really how I know you. You live in the UK, and you do lots of work for LJD. YOu have a perm account, which I wish I did, and you do support. You always sat on IRC and never said anything. *nod*

you picked up my name from we-love-rah around the time of the monster news post. You're gone for a while for break (no net at home) and I miss you. Come back soon!

this isn't really you, just your LJ copy. Still, you're the best friend I've made at school. I've laughed with you, cryed with you, and everything inbvetween. I only met you cause you were writing on your blurty in CS 100 - and I'm really glad I did.

you crack me up. I don't even know why, you're just cool. You stayed up late one night to look at my naked pics, and I've always felt a sort of bond with you since then.

ah, you. You've been better for my peace of mind sometimes than anything else. Another mettie you are. You call her remote. because her name has to do with TV. Fun, you are, and good at icon making. *nods*

you stole me from spratt. You haven't posted much since then, so I don't know you much.

you're another one of those metties I only know by LJ name. You write a lot about your real life.

you are always willing to lend a helping hand. You're a great friend to have. You helped me lots on getting comments, plus a million other things. You suggested the rally cool lights thing, which I enjoyed a lot (and so did everyone else in the car.) I'm gonna miss being on IRC with you, but I hope we can keep up at least a little in journals.

I don't think you use your journal anymore.

you and I saw harry potter together! We need to hang out some more. We watched moulin rouge, too, but we never really did anything after that. YOu're a huge LOTR fan, which is always nice to see. Of course, you're also a pervy elf fancier, which is just scary ;)

you 're always online, but you haven't really posted since you left school. You're realkly smart, but you never seem to finish a project. YOu go to college in MA. YOu're fun to chat with when you aren't talking about dropping out of school.

you're one of my first support friends. You friended me because of my icon... (an icon i still use.) You stick up for me, and you're really cool. I wish I could make things better for you, but alas, I am not magical. I hope everything works out okay for you.

there's so many things I could say about you. I could talk about my favorite events, conversatinos, times. I could just go into all the little reason I love you, and we'd be here forever. Instead, I'll just say this - I adore you with every fiber of my being, and that will never change. I love you, now and forever. and hey, "All you need is love!"

I don't really know you either. Some fandom person, I suppose?

you can do fairly incredible things with overrides. You're also really smart, and interesting. Like her, you're... Muslim? Yes. Something that I'm not, in any case. And people who are different from me are interesting. I host stuff on grey-eyed for you, although that's down while I'm at home.

you'll be working for LJ starting today. You're always really busy and stuff. I remember back when I thought you were a guy. I hope you do well with the new job and school and everything.

you are one of those people I picked up in the news post too. You got paid because you're hungarian and the way of getting to be a paid member sucks. You're a style designer, and your styles look really cool.

you are a new support person. You're pretty good at it, from what I hear. I like having you as a friend - I have no idea how old you are, and for a while I didn't even know if you were male or female - and it works fine that way. I like that.

you are a greek letter. You're really cool. You livei n the UK too, but it's hard to tell sometimes, cause you keep the weirdest sleep schedule ever. You're the new admin for the /syn category, and you and I and tenshi got in that 500 point race (that I never finished. *sigh*). I like having you on my friends page - you're an old fart on the internet, and that makes you neat. ;)

you are like her a little bit, in that part of the reason you're on my friends page is because you're different. Your icons are starting to look really cool, and you are funny.

you are with her. You're really smart (you were dissapointed not to get a perfect on the SAT) and you have a huge amount of potential I'll never have. I wish you good luck, fran - you'll do great in whatever you want to do.

you are one half of Mia/Nos. You are often depressed. I like talking to you though, at least in chats. You're interesting, and you and nos do have some kind of strange karma thing going on. It's interesting to watch the dynamic between you two.

you are Jenny! You sent me a Christmas card, and you're a big fan of Christmas and pretty lights and stuff. I like that. You're really nice to me, which is awesome, and you're always there wtih a pick me up when I'm down. You're awesome.

you are Sarah?. I don't really know you that well, but I just have you on my friends list because I like your entries.

you live near me. You work really hard, because you have to in order to be where you are. You're on of the group that I sit with at dinner sometimse. You're really nice, and you're a good shoulder to cry on whenever I feel like it. You've been there for me a lot, and I really wish I could do the same for you.

you I only know from IRC and her. You're really smart, and you're in CS. You and her always insult my CS dept. though :)

you and I used to talk a lot more back when I was in FAP chats more often. A couple features in my bot are implemented only because of you. You're nice, and although you don't write much, I like having you on my list.

you I know for the most part because of syn_promo. You're the maintainer there, and you're doing a really great job with it. I'm hoping that you can help get some actual features implemented, since brad doesn't seem to care :) You haven't written much since I added you, so that's about all I know :)

you are one of nos's friends. You work in a bookstore (or at least you used to) and you're really smart. I like your writing style, and although you're another that doesn't write much, I wish you'd write more. (Let me tell you, that's high praise considering how much I read ;))

you are Pika-Powered! ©. You're really cool, Tenshi, and I miss talking to you on IRC. You were there for me a ton throughout my time at school, and you mean a lot to me. Thank you.

you are having a lot of trouble getting through the everyday high school shit. I've been there, I know how it is. You're a really good kid though, even I can see that, and you're getting out of there soon, I think. I hope you can do okay, and if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here for you.

you have been teaching me perl, bit by bloody bit. You're canadian. That's about the extent of my knowledge ;)

you haven't written much lately, which is something I just realized. Met you through support, like so many people on this list, and I really like reading your entries. However, I really don't know you that well, cause you haven't written much since I added you.

you and her are an awesome couple. You've always been really nice to me, and told me how awesome I am. I never used to believe it - but I do now. You two both rock, and you're really smart. Keep up the good work on the site, and good luck with all your stuff for school. I know it's rough for you right now, and I hope things work out okay.

I'll write more when I get more time, I've got a printed copy of my friends list so i can write them while I'm on the road. Just to throw a bit of interesting stuff into my friends list for everyone.

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  • candy

    At our old house, we always ran out of candy, so I live in perpetual fear of it. At this house, we were totally ghost town one year, and we ran out…

  • Projects

    Overall, I have a handful of projects I'm working on. - Livestream Alerts: Website for generating alerts during Livestreams. Most recent work:…

  • sigh, humans

    For the last 36 hours, I have been unreasonably upset by the simplest, stupidest things that people do. Why can't people just be more smart and less…