Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

nothing important

Friends, Romans, lend me your ears!

I will be gone from 3pm today until around the same time tomorrow. The wake and funeral I referred to earlier are occurring. I'm more mentally prepared than I was just a few days ago, thankfully.

I have no plans for New Years Eve as of yet, and Sarah refuses to even try to make any, but hopefully I can scrape up something.

My time in support is over, but I'm looking to find a new part to play with LiveJournal. Details may or may not be announced later.

To all of you who may not see anything from me before the New Year - Happy New Year. May it bring you great joy and a chance to start anew, fresh, and with new resolve and new life. May it bring you best tidings, and may you enjoy it so much as is possible.

Hopefully, I will squeeze in at least one more post before the new year. I have 4 hours of driving in the next two days, so I'm hoping to do some writing which I will attempt to post.

Once again, Happy New Year.

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