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I was just thinking to myself: "Self? When was the last time you wrote a journal entry." And my self said "Oh, I don't know, but I bet it's been awhile."

So here I am, writing an entry to all you wonderful people out there in the "real world" somewhere. Right now, I'm sitting in this really comfy "Task Chair" I got for Christmas, listening to the Chemical Brothers CD I got on my MP3 CD player, while ripping the Moulin Rouge soundtrack to my hard drive so I can make a big CD of stuff to listen to between classes when I get back to school. TO my right, I've got a whole stack of DVDs - Final Fantasy, American Beauty, Office Space, Hackers, Ocean's 11... On top of that, I have a borders gift certificate for 25 dollars, and on the ground is a whole stack of clothes I need to sort through. I've got my swingline stapler on the end of the desk, and I've got my feather duster pen attached to my monitor. Over on my bulliten board are two 10 dollar blockbuster gift certificates, and right now I'm working on copying my mp3s over to my brand new 120 gig Maxtor 7200 RPM hard drive. I'm wearing these really comfy pajama pants, my nice new U of I t-shirt with a flannel over it. On my feet are slippers that look like tuxedo shoes, and I just finished one of the stack of jolly ranchers I have. If I happen to go to the bathroom, I'll be reading the new illustrated world records book I bought, and when I get back to school I'll have a laugh every day with the 2003 Dilbert desk calendar. I'm currently reading a sci-fi book that Santa dropped by, and should someone call, I can pick up on my handy dandy new cordless telephone. Should I want to write something down, I can do it with one of my five new mechanical pencils.

My brother shouldn't have to worry about having problems when people come over to play video games anymore - the new playstation controller he got was returned when it was discovered defective, and we got a new one. My dad won't ever have to worry about not having a steady shot again with his camera with the new tripod he has, and Dave shouldn't be late coming home from now on with his nifty new watch that has both digital and analog dials. My grandpa will never forget where I am as long as he has the nice framed 6x9 print of Altgeld Hall around, and my mom will be able to look at u of i every day of the year with the wall calendar she recieved. Not only that, but she'll be able to stay warm even on those cold days with the fleece scarf and mittens she recieved. Sarah won't have to worry about getting depressed anymore with the brand new cd with a collection of romantic songs, and she can look more stylish with the brand new chain the class ring she wears around her neck is hanging on.

I've seen the Matrix, Spiderman, and Monsters Inc. in the past 2 days. I've played the Gamecube versions of Mario Party and Super Monkey Ball. In about 2 hours, I'll be heading out to lunch with my best friend, and hopefully will be spending some cuddly snuggly time with her and our respective significant others. We will hopefully drive around and look at pretty Christmas lights.

Jewel has still not called me back, and I called again today and left a message for Terry. Basically, it's becoming too late to work again, as it usually takes at least a week to get rehired. This is going to suck, and it's going to make my parents extremely upset at me.

New Years Eve may be spent here, or possibly in Decatur. Depending on how Sarah feels, how my parents feel, and how I feel.

That just about sums up the last few days. Add in some stupid fighting over American Beauty, and some stupider fighting about "Reel Clues", some alone time for myself and my girlfriend, and pretty Christmas lights, and you've got me.

Now, my room is messy, and I've already been nagged by both parents to clean it, so I will.

(now wasn't that more exciting than just a list?)

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