Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

Going home... for the last time (this year)

Hey all-
This is my last day at college this year. I know I haven't written anything at all of substance this week, but finals have eaten my brain. My dad just called and said he's on the way, so in about 5-5.5 hours I'll be home.

The reason I'm writing this is that I'm going to be away from school for a month. Any of you who have my school address should probably not send things there, as I will not recieve them until Jan 20th/21st. (They will hold them, so don't worry about it, but I just thought i'd let you know.) Any contact info you need should be available at - that's the email i'll be checking. The school phone number is also available if you want to leave rambly messages - I won't be around to pick them up (Sergio took the phone home) so I won't get them until I get back, but for those of you who wanted to confess your undying love in a purely annonymous fashion, feel free ;)

I get to see Sarah tonight, hopefully. I miss her. I want to see her again. I want to be with her, I want to talk to her, I want to look into her eyes and see how she really feels. I want to know what the hell we have at this point. I just can't tell anymore...

I love her. Sarah, if/when you read this, please believe that in my heart, I still love you. I hope that we can work this out, because you mean a lot to me. I hope that we don't have to stop being ChriSarah. one of us would have to get a new letter from somewhere. And I like it better that way.

My room is a mess. I've been kind of packing, kind of destroying - taking all my books and crap and tossing old notes... (mostly chem). I have a pile of stuff to keep, a pile of stuff not to keep... a couple garbage bags, and a much cleaner living area now ;)

I'm not sure whether I want to go home or not. It will feel like Christmas at home, which it doesn't here. But there's so much I like about here that I don't like about home... I don't know. I think I need to go home though. I need to see Sarah again, even if we aren't doing too well right now. I want to talk to her and just... talk. I don't know. and she's home now, and I forgot about this, so I'm going to post it even though I don't have a clue what it says anymore.

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