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Friends List cleaning
I just did friends list cleaning. If you're no longer on the list, it's most likely because I was skipping your entries. Feel free to leave me on yours, I don't really care. I don't post much Friends only, so it's not like you'll be missing out - i just needed to do some cleaning. I couldn't keep up anymore. If you feel an absolute need to be on my friends list for some reason and you're not, let me know. Maybe we can work something out. That's all - have a nice day.

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*Got to stay*

Feels special now :)

It makes my little man dance

*Points up to little man*

So did a lot of people.

Pretty much anyone college age or higher got to stay, just because I enjoy hearing about other people's college experiences. I like to know about other people who are similar to me - but I was noticing I had a lot of people on my list that I didn't even know the names of, and it was becoming pointless.

So I cleaned :)

You're probably one of the best commenters I have on my list. I like reading your entries and leaving my two cents, knowing that you'll do the same :)


It's unly because we're that spiffy.

:: is not spiffy but got to stay :: WOO!

Whee. I got to stay, too.

As one of your older (chronologically, anyway) and wiser (hah!) LJ friends, I am honored that you chose to let some of us stay in your friends list-- I know you did a lot of "housekeeping" in the last 24 hours, and I appreciate the fact that you did not decide my journal's too boring to read or be bothered with. :)

Lookit! *points* I gots a second icon! Whee!

::happy to stay::

But you said you have to clean some more... I think I might go... :( Wah.

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