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a_fdotcom: Action-Figure an action figure and toy news site (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
adultfilmfan: Adult Film - Porn News Reviews and Interviews! for fans of the adult film industry (2) Updated: 2002-12-18
advogato: Advogato The free software developer's advocate (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
aldaily: Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate Arts and Letters Daily (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
alternatenews: alternate news stories the big channels won't run (20) Updated: 2002-10-25 , Parse Error
alternetorgiraq: alt news on upcoming war with Iraq (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
ananova_quirky: Ananova: Quirkies Ananova:quirkies (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
andrewsullivan: Andrew Sullivan "Daily dish" blog from political pundit Andrew Sullivan (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
angst_tech: Angst Technology (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
apod: Astronomy Picture of the Day Astronomy Picture of the Day (25) Updated: 2002-12-19
appellate: How Appealing legal feed devoted to litigation by appeals (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
appleturns: As the Apple Turns Mac Rumour site as the Apple Turns (13) Updated: 2002-12-13
aquarionics: Aquarionics The life, times, and links of Nicholas Aquarion Avenell (8) Updated: 2002-11-27 , Parse Error
ars_technica: Ars Technica the pc enthusiast's resource - comp/sci/tech news (16) Updated: 2002-12-19
b3ta: B3TA: Weblog the weblog from the lovely insane people at b3ta (9) Updated: 2002-12-18
baptism: Halliday news What’s new with - grammarian, sermons, Halliday news (1) Updated: 2002-12-15
bbcnewsworld: BBC News | World | UK Edition World News from the BBC (171) Updated: 2002-12-19 , Parse Error
bbctech: BBC News | Technology | UK Edition BBC News | Technology | UK Edition (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
bbcukfrontpage: BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition BBC News | Front Page | UK Edition (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
benham_referrer: Ben - Reader's Blogs People to comment on in the last month (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
benhammersley: Content Syndication with RSS Content Syndication with XML and RSS (3) Updated: 2002-12-09 N
bifurcated: Bifurcated Rivets Eclectica for Epopts - Lindsay Marshall's weblog (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
billsaysthis: BillSaysThis Weblog Bill wanders the real and online worlds and posts thoughts and links (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
blogzilla: Blogzilla - a blog about Mozilla Blogzilla - a blog about Mozilla (6) Updated: 2002-12-11
bluesnews: Blue's News gaming news (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
boingboing_net: Boing Boing Blog directory of wonderful things (49) Updated: 2002-12-19 N
bondagefiles: The Bondage File Weird news from the San Francisco Chronicle (11) Updated: 2002-12-19
boondocks: Comics: Boondocks comic strip (379) Updated: 2002-12-18
boymostlikely: boy most likely boymostlikely (41) Updated: 2002-12-19
braintrust_feed: The Brains Trust British topical and political satire, funny jokes, twisted humour (2) Updated: 2002-11-29
brunching: the Brunching Shuttlecocks (111) Updated: 2002-11-15
buffy_news: Moreover - Buffy the Vampire Slayer news Buffy the Vampire Slayer news (10) Updated: 2002-12-17
bugpowder_rss: BugPowder weblog A notice board and evolving discussion forum for the UK small press comics community. (2) Updated: 2002-12-17
c_a_r_s: Crazy Apple Rumors Site Crazy Apple Rumours Site (8) Updated: 2002-12-19
calnhobbes: Comics: Calvin and Hobbes Classic Calvin & Hobbes comics (91) Updated: 2002-12-18
catandgirl: Cat and Girl Webcomic about a cat and a girl (13) Updated: 2002-12-16
catharsis_comic: (1) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
cert: CERT/CC CERT advisories (127) Updated: 2002-12-19
chicagonewsfeed: Moreover - moreover... moreover - Chicago news headlines from around the web (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
chicky_net: Crazy Bitch with Webcam. Film at 11 Chicky's Personal Journal (10) Updated: 2002-12-19
chris_pirillo: C:\PIRILLO.EXE Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and techTV (6) Updated: 2002-12-17
cnetnewsdotcom: CNET CNET news (36) Updated: 2002-12-19 , Parse Error
cnndotcom: (0) Updated: 2002-10-15 Not being updated
coding_strange: StrangeCoding Strange Coding (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
cnntopstories: CNN Top Stories CNN Top news stories (26) Updated: 2002-12-19
comicreviews: Comics Worth Reading Comic book reviews and recommendations (10) Updated: 2002-12-15 , Parse Error
commondreams: CommonDreams NewsWire from (22) Updated: 2002-12-19
conversatron: The Conversatron Conversatron: An Experiment in Distributed Pop Culture (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
cruel_com: Cruel Site of the Day (11) Updated: 2002-12-18
cs_monitor: Christian Science Monitor | Top Stories Read the front page stories of (16) Updated: 2002-12-19
davebarrycolumn: Dave Barry humorous commentary and facetiousness every day (340) Updated: 2002-12-15
daypop_top40: Daypop Top 40 Top 40 most linked to weblog memes. (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
de_heise_news: heise online news the heise news ticker lists computer bix and technology related news (3) Updated: 2002-12-19 German
de_telepolis: Telepolis News a "magazine of net culture", oriented towards culture and politics. (6) Updated: 2002-12-19 German
decafbad: 0xDECAFBAD 0xDECAFBAD (2) Updated: 2002-12-18
dictionary_wotd: Word of the DayLookup's Word Of The Day (185) Updated: 2002-12-19
diepunyhumans: Die Puny Humans The weblog of Warren Ellis (31) Updated: 2002-12-19
digital_ed: My ham smells like pee aka, I'm covered in bees! a blog (8) Updated: 2002-12-19
digitalphoto: Digital Photography Review ( Digital Photography Review ( Latest digital camera news, review, and comparisons (8) Updated: 2002-12-17
dilbert_feed: Comics: Dilbert Comics: Dilbert (194) Updated: 2002-12-18
dilbertdaily: Dilbert Daily Strip Dilbert! (634) Updated: 2002-12-18
disinfo: Disinformation Disinformation alt news. "Everything you know is wrong." (31) Updated: 2002-12-18
dnalounge: DNA Lounge: What's New see userinfo (47) Updated: 2002-12-15
doonesbury: Comics: Doonesbury Trudeau's classic comic (189) Updated: 2002-12-18
dorktowerfeed: Comics: Dork Tower (151) Updated: 2002-12-18
dotkde: KDE Dot News KDE news (13) Updated: 2002-12-19
dutchfurs: Dutch Furs dot com KDE news (1) Updated: 2002-12-16
economist_books: Economist: Books Economist: Books (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
economist_world: Economist: World Economist: World (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
eff_action: EFF: Action Center Alerts Take Action! (9) Updated: 2002-12-12
eff_feed: Consensus at Lawyerpoint the undertakings of the Broadcast Protection Discussion Group (15) Updated: 2002-12-06
effpress: EFF: Press Media advisories and press releases (6) Updated: 2002-12-18
entertain_news: Moreover - Entertainment: general news Entertainment General News from (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
entweekly: Entertainment Weekly Entertainment Weekly (11) Updated: 2002-12-19
enworldfeed: EN World Morrus' D&D/D20 News & Reviews Site (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
errantstory: Errant Story Michael Poe's Errant Story (14) Updated: 2002-12-18
evhead: EVHEAD the blog of the CEO of (2) Updated: 2002-12-17
exodusfeed: exodus v.4 bloggings of a twenty year old artist and writer (3) Updated: 2002-12-13
explodingcigar: Exploding Cigar Weird News from Real Sources (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
exploitationnow: this comic has closed,see errantstory (13) Updated: 2002-11-11 , Parse Error
farkdotcom: (4) Unable to find updated date. invalid RSS - no <channel> tag
farkrss: FARK (8) Updated: 2002-12-19
film_ru: Film.Ru Национальный кинопортал (7) Updated: 2002-12-19 Russian
film_unlimited: Film Unlimited News and interviews of new British film releases, from The Guardian (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
fishbowl_all: The Fishbowl tail -f /dev/mind > blog (6) Updated: 2002-12-18
flayrah: news portal for news portal for furry fandom (23) Updated: 2002-12-19
foxtrot_feed: Comics: FoxTrot newspaper comic, with the geeky kid (343) Updated: 2002-12-18
freedomtotinker: Freedom To Tinker Edward Felton's weblog about electronic freedom (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
freshmeatdotnet: the web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform open source software (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
furydotcom: Interaction Design, Buffy, Usability, flotsam in Kevin Fox's head (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
gamingreport: (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
gay_news: gay news blog From the Gay_Blog. (9) Updated: 2002-12-19
gaynews: Moreover - Gay news Contains news from (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
gayuk_books: UK Books Features (2) Updated: 2002-12-01
gayuk_ent: UK Daily Headlines: Entertainment Entertainment headlines from (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
gayuk_movies: UK Movies Features (2) Updated: 2002-12-01
gominosensei: gomi no sensei ramblings of a deranged twentysomething burnt out on life as he knows it (5) Updated: 2002-12-18
gomono: Mono Project News Mono Project News: a portable implementation of the .NET Framework (5) Updated: 2002-12-17
googleblog: Google Weblog The latest news on everyone's favorite search engine (16) Updated: 2002-12-11 , Parse Error
heartmath_feed: HeartMath Report emotional intelligence, stress research and neuroscience HeartMath Report (5) Updated: 2002-12-18
heartmath_rss: HeartMath Report Hosted by newsisfree. Same as heartmath_feed. (0) Updated: 2002-12-18
hixie_log: Hixie's Natural Log Commentary, cats, and idiocy around Ian’s world (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
hpana: Harry Potter Automatic News Aggregator Complete Harry Potter coverage from top news sources (14) Updated: 2002-12-19
humanrightsnews: Moreover - Human rights news Human Rights News from (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
hyatt_weblog: Confessions of a Mozillian David Hyatt's Weblog (2) Updated: 2002-12-16
iht_opinion: IHT: Editorials the International Herald Tribune editorial page (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
inpassingorg: In Passing... Random overheard comments from around Berkeley (14) Updated: 2002-12-18
insidemacgames: Inside Mac Games Random overheard comments from around Berkeley (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
jamieongamedev: Jamie on Game Development (0) Updated: 2002-11-11 , Parse Error
jeffes_world: Winnipeg Blues The wonderful tales of Jeffe (1) Updated: 2002-12-11
jejblog: jej blog Who is your daddy and what does he do? (8) Updated: 2002-12-16
jeremy_zawodny: Jeremy Zawodny's blog Jeremy Zawodny's blog Linux, Perl, MySQL, Open Source, random stuff (0) Updated: 2002-12-19
jerkcity: Jerkcity #1542 (29) Unable to find updated date. Having some problems
joehewitt: Weblog weblog (2) Updated: 2002-12-13
joelonsoftware: Joel on Software Painless Software Management (19) Updated: 2002-12-11
journalreview: Live Journal Review The definitive place to get your daily required reading (20) Updated: 2002-12-17
jumpingmonkeys: Jumping Monkeys Megan Morrone's Personal Blog (10) Updated: 2002-12-19
kcuf: Kevin's Compendium of Useless Fantasia My attempt at a monthly publication of some of my creative endeavors (3) Updated: 2002-12-01
kellybellydtnet: - the random ramblings of a twenty-something chick living her lif the random ramblings of a chick living her life (6) Updated: 2002-12-16 No longer exists, Parse Error
kevinkell: Comics: Kevin & Kell Comics: Kevin & Kell (42) Updated: 2002-12-18
kuro5hin: technology and culture, from the trenches (172) Updated: 2002-12-15 , Parse Error
lambda_ultimate: Lambda the Ultimate The Programming Languages Weblog! (11) Updated: 2002-12-18
lawrencelessig: Lessig Blog founder of the School’s Center for Internet and Society (26) Updated: 2002-12-18
leftfootliving: The Left Foot Living Review irregular journal of style, trend, fashion, and innovation (6) Updated: 2002-12-16
leovillefeed: Leoville Leo Laporte's web log (12) Updated: 2002-12-09
libjrnl_prepub: Library Journal: PrePub Alert (3) Updated: 2002-11-25
librariandotnet: putting the rarin' back in librarian since 1993 (30) Updated: 2002-12-19
linux_journal: Linux Journal Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
linuxtoday: Linux Today Linux Today News Service (29) Updated: 2002-12-19
lisnews: Library and Information Science News (25) Updated: 2002-12-19
listmaker_feed: (0) Unable to find updated date.
listmaker_feed2: Keepers of Lists The ancient order of the Keepers of Lists (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
lizvangdotcom: (13) Updated: 2002-12-18
ljdramaorg: ljdrama files ljdrama files This is where drama comes to die publicly. and then some (190) Updated: 2002-11-27 Having Server Problems
lockergnome: Lockergnome's Bits and Bytes technology news and links from the perspective of a Lockergnomie (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
lonecat: LoneCat Lonecat's Diary (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
lwn: is a comprehensive source of Linux news and opinions (0) Updated: 2002-12-19
maccentral: MacCentral MacCentral is the leading resource for Macintosh-related headline news (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
macminute: Up-to-the-Minute Apple Mac News (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
macosxhints: Mac OS X Hints Get the most from X! (21) Updated: 2002-12-19
macslash: MacSlash: A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion (12) Updated: 2002-12-19
marijuanadotcom: Marijuana.Com news on medical marijuana, legalization efforts, etc (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
megatokyocomic: Comics: MegaTokyo a webcomic, MegaTokyo (233) Updated: 2002-12-18
memepool: Memepool (235) Updated: 2002-12-19
memepool2: (fail) Unable to find updated date. suspended account
metafilter: MetaFilter The past 24 hours of MetaFilter (48) Updated: 2002-12-18 N, Parse Error
mike_radwin: Michael J. Radwin's blog An experiment in self-indulgence (0) Updated: 2002-12-19
mitch_kapor: Mitch Kapor's Weblog Weblog from the founder of Lotus, Inc. Watch out, Microsoft! (11) Updated: 2002-12-15
modrnwrld_comic: This Modern World This Modern World comic, by Tom Tomorrow (89) Updated: 2002-12-14
moreovrfootball: Moreover - Sports: American football news Sports: American football news (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
morons: Morons Dot Org Exposing the insanity and stupidity in the world (12) Updated: 2002-12-19
morrissey_solo: Morrissey-solo News about the musical artist Morrissey and his band (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
motivationquote: Motivational Quotes of the Day Four motivational quotations each day from The Quotations Page (11) Updated: 2002-12-18
motley_fool: The Motley Fool To Educate, Amuse, and Enrich (10) Updated: 2002-12-19
movie_reviews_: Entertainment: Movie Reviews from (1) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
mozillaorg: Mozilla Dot Org the website (13) Updated: 2002-12-13
mozillazine: MozillaZine Your source for Mozilla news, advocacy, interviews, builds, and more! (9) Updated: 2002-12-19
mrsnotnesbitt: The website caught with its panties down (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
neilgaimanblog: Neil Gaiman's blog (94) Updated: 2002-10-30 Blogger Problems
nonsquitor_feed: Comics: Non Sequitur Non-Sequitor comic by Wylie (55) Updated: 2002-12-18
npr: (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
npr_: NPR News (Audio) (12) Updated: 2002-12-19
nzaardvark: Aardvark NZ's leading source of Net-Industry news and commentary (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
ogrecave: OgreCave Unplugged Gaming News And Views (11) Updated: 2002-12-19
oomphgirl: Oomph*Girl The girl with more Oomph! Oomph*Girl (7) Updated: 2002-12-19 , Parse Error
openbsd_journal: OpenBSD Journal (7) Updated: 2002-12-18 , Parse Error
operablog: Beyond 30 Opera news, events, tricks and stuff (5) Updated: 2002-12-18 N
oreillynet: O'Reilly Network Articles (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
os_opinion: osOpinion Tech commentary from (5) Updated: 2002-12-18
osnews: OSNews Exploring the future of computing (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
pavlov_blog: Evil Thoughts Pavlov's Plans for World Domination (1) Updated: 2002-12-17
pennyarcaderss: Comics: Penny Arcade Comics: Penny Arcade (120) Updated: 2002-12-18
peteashton: pete ashton dot com Pete Ashton's weblog and other bits and bobs, including photos. Pete is the maintainer of BugPowder and a grandee of the UK small press comics community. (2) Updated: 2002-12-18
peterme: Links, thoughts, and essays from Peter Merholz (2) Updated: 2002-12-17
plasticbagorg: Tom Coates' blog about blogging and online communities (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
plasticdotcom: Plastic: Most Recent (97) Updated: 2002-12-19
pornclrkstories: True Porn Clerk Stories True Porn Clerk Stories, by Ali Davis (58) Updated: 2002-11-26
pravda_feed: Pravda.RU:Main Daily Russian Newspaper Pravda (10) Updated: 2002-12-19 , Parse Error
pseudodictionar: (0) Updated: 2002-10-14
pseudorecent: (1) Updated: 2002-11-23
purportalfeed: Headlines The bunk stops here (1) Updated: 2002-12-10
pvpkurtz: PVP comic (0) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
quote_feed: Quotes of the Day 4 or 5 quotes every day (20) Updated: 2002-12-19
kellybellydtnet: the random ramblings of a 20-something chick trying to live her life (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
rands_in_repose: Rands in Repose the digital opinion unit of Jerkcity Enterprises (5) Updated: 2002-12-10
reallifecomic: Comics: Real Life Comics: Real Life (62) Updated: 2002-12-19
redmeat_rss: Red Meat Red Meat, from the secret files of Max Cannon (36) Updated: 2002-12-18
reuters_oddly: Reuters: Oddly Enough (10) Updated: 2002-12-19
rfbooth: Rick Booth: Dr. Rick Booth's entertaining weblog on music, movies, and techie things (2) Updated: 2002-12-18
roger_ebert: Roger Ebert Movie Reviews Roger Ebert: Movie Reviews Chicago Sun-Times (11) Updated: 2002-12-18
roseisrose: (1) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
rushkoff: Douglas Rushkoff focusing on politics, media, technology, culture (5) Updated: 2002-12-19
saloncom: (189) Updated: 2002-12-19
sarah_t: Somebody Else's Nimrod (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
scripting: Scripting News (10) Updated: 2002-12-19
shacker2: (11) Updated: 2002-12-19
shaver_rss2: Mike Shaver (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
shiftlibrarian: The Shifted Librarian (9) Updated: 2002-12-19 N
sinfestfeed: Comics: SinFest Ironic comic with God, the Devil and one of God's fan boys (328) Updated: 2002-12-19
sjgames: Daily Illuminator The Daily Illuminator is your daily dose of gaming news (15) Updated: 2002-12-18
slashdot: Slashdot News for nerds, stuff that matters (444) Updated: 2002-12-19
slashdot_feed: Slashdot full articles (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
sluggy_comic: Sluggy Freelance (3) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
starwarsfeed: - The Official Site (9) Updated: 2002-12-18 , Parse Error
strangels: The random blatherings of a frustrated writer (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
sweetcode: sweetcode Sweet Code (96) Updated: 2002-12-19
syn_activexbox: Headlines The Most Activated XBox Resource (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
syn_dailygame: Xbox News (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
syn_ignxbox: IGN - XBox IGN Games delivers daily content that tells you everything going on in the world of gaming (1) Updated: 2002-12-13
techdirt: Techdirt Tech news that focuses on big issues, not the daily grind. (9) Updated: 2002-12-19
theforcenet: all the Star Wars news you'll ever need (7) Updated: 2002-12-19
themorningnews: The Morning News - Features Thoughtful commentary (4) Updated: 2002-12-19
theonering_net: TheOneRing.Net forged by and for fans of JRR Tolkien (26) Updated: 2002-12-19
theonionfeed: The Onion (479) Updated: 2002-12-18
theperlreview: The Perl Review, v0 i6, November 2002 (10) Updated: 2002-12-12
theregister: The Register biting the hand that feeds IT (173) Updated: 2002-12-19
theregus: The Register (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
thestraightdope: The Straight Dope The Straight Dope, by Cecil Adams (28) Updated: 2002-12-18
thinkgeek: ThinkGeek: What's New cool geek toys aplenty Stuff for Smart Masses (161) Updated: 2002-12-17
topusnews: Moreover - Top US stories Top U.S. News from (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
uk_fetish_info: ~ UK Fetish Info News and reviews for the UK fetish community. (7) Updated: 2002-12-16 N
unmedia: unmedia The media is about soundbites, swayed by ideology (2) Updated: 2002-12-19
userfriendlyorg: (48) Unable to find updated date. , Bad RSS Feed, Parse Error
warch: Warchalking Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking (7) Updated: 2002-12-18
webdev_news: Moreover - Web developer news Web Developer News from (3) Updated: 2002-12-19
webstandards: Buzz The Buzz: the Web Standards Project Weblog (54) Updated: 2002-12-17
webster_wotd: Word of the Day Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day (14) Updated: 2002-12-19
whedonesque: WHEDONesque Blogging the Jossverse (14) Updated: 2002-12-19
whump: More Like This WebLog it's a blog (5) Updated: 2002-12-18
wigglesfeed: Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles Comic strip published weekly (20) Updated: 2002-12-16 offensive content
wilwheaton: WIL WHEATON DOT NET: Where is my mind? Weblog and commentary, written by actor and writer Wil Wheaton (310) Updated: 2002-12-19
wilwheaton: Wil Wheaton dot net A full feed of Wil Wheaton's blog, rather than just headlines (103) Updated: 2002-12-19
wiredtopstories: Wired News (162) Updated: 2002-12-19
writetheweb: WriteTheWeb News for web users that write back (5) Updated: 2002-12-03
wrote: Wrote Yesterday's News, Today (2) Updated: 2002-12-18
xbox365com: XBox365 The online magazine dedicated to the microsoft Xbox (1) Updated: 2002-12-13
xboxsolutioncom: XboxSolution (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
yellowtimes: Alternative news & commentary from (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
yudeline_rss: YudeLine One Jew's News and Views (1) Updated: 2002-12-18
zeldman: The Daily Report column on webdesign and standards from Jeffrey Zeldman (6) Updated: 2002-12-19
zfilterdotcom: zFilter a weird-link weblog (1) Updated: 2002-12-19
(Checked 243 feeds on Fri, 20 Dec 2002)

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    For the last 36 hours, I have been unreasonably upset by the simplest, stupidest things that people do. Why can't people just be more smart and less…

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