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On going home

My last day of school this semester was friday. That's right, I have gone to every class I can or will this semester. I have attended every session, have listened attentively or not, and learned everything I will learn from my professors and TA's.

And it's weird. VERY weird. I feel like I've been here forever - but I feel like it was just minutes ago I put my class ring on a chain and put it around Sarah's neck. I feel like it's been years - and at the same time, it only feels like a minute.

I can't even remember downloading all the mp3s i did... but at the same time, I remember having only 14 cd's worth not so long ago ;)

It's been fun, but it's also been sad. Interesting, but boring so much of the time. There's a million things i did - and a million things I still want to do.

Overall, it's been a good experience. I'm happy I'm here. I've met a bunch of awesome people - some from LJ even! I've done lots of cool things - go to chicago and see second city and blue man group is my favorite. I've gained a lot of knowledge, and I really like the internet :)

But I really miss home. I miss sarah, i miss feeling needed. I don't here. Nobody cares about me here like some of my people do at home.

One week until I get to go home and see my girlfriend. I'm happy about that - and i'm scared to death of finals ;)

Meme: Gore won't run in 2004
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