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On going home
My last day of school this semester was friday. That's right, I have gone to every class I can or will this semester. I have attended every session, have listened attentively or not, and learned everything I will learn from my professors and TA's.

And it's weird. VERY weird. I feel like I've been here forever - but I feel like it was just minutes ago I put my class ring on a chain and put it around Sarah's neck. I feel like it's been years - and at the same time, it only feels like a minute.

I can't even remember downloading all the mp3s i did... but at the same time, I remember having only 14 cd's worth not so long ago ;)

It's been fun, but it's also been sad. Interesting, but boring so much of the time. There's a million things i did - and a million things I still want to do.

Overall, it's been a good experience. I'm happy I'm here. I've met a bunch of awesome people - some from LJ even! I've done lots of cool things - go to chicago and see second city and blue man group is my favorite. I've gained a lot of knowledge, and I really like the internet :)

But I really miss home. I miss sarah, i miss feeling needed. I don't here. Nobody cares about me here like some of my people do at home.

One week until I get to go home and see my girlfriend. I'm happy about that - and i'm scared to death of finals ;)

Meme: Gore won't run in 2004
Definition of a meme at http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/html/entry/meme.html for my friends who don't know what one is.

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I always *like* finals. Even if they're hard, it's just a nice relief. School is either over or half over for the year, you get a nice break from school...

I'm glad you like college.

I know I won't like it when I get there. I don't want to live in a dorm, ever. The only thing I'll like is the internet and the classes starting late. Because I'll refuse to bond with anybody and stuff.

Yeah. That's me.

I know you don't believe I'm like that though or that I will continue to be like that. But I know I will. I've always known that.

I did hide in the bathroom all first semster lunch last year because I had no one to sit with...and I'd still do that if I had a real lunch that no one was in....

*goes off to be depressive again*

I know what you mean. The fact that it's the end of classes is really weird feeling. Just getting over the happy fact that I never have to go to another Econ. TA session and getting over my disappointment that I won't go to another of my Fantasy lit. class is difficult. And I made all these new friends in my classes and now I have to see whether we will stay friends or will lose track. *thinks a moment* Damn, Chris, you made me all thoughtful and depressed. :P

I know the feeling. My first semester of college was rough but I was looking forward to going back.

Just out of curiosity how long have you and Sarah been together?

Oops. Missed this one. it'll be 8 months on the 28th of this month.

Not so long, but she's 3 years younger, so i didn't get much chance to start dating her before my freshman year. we started dating one week before prom.

Awww :) You two make a cute couple.

If I get a webcam for Christmas, when I get back hopefully I'll be able to post some pics of me and Mike.

The most recent pic I have of us is at my Senior Prom...so yea, that's not so recent :)

Before your freshman year? *snigers*

Yes, the big bad freshman (well, small. You weren't very big.) and a 6th grader. *nods* in my old school district, that'd be skipping past a whole set of school. (Middle school was 7th and 8th.)

Off to school.

Maybe it's the sleep deprivation...in fact I'm about 95% sure it is, but I didn't understand a word of that.

I should probably go to bed.

Neither did i, because that's not me. that's sarah logged in under my name.


Okay, cause I read that one over a few times and I still couldn't grasp it.

Just making sure I hadn't gone completely crazy.

I didn't understand it either, when it looked like i was saying it. Look! i'm MPD! I'm talking to myself!

"Before your freshman year? *snigers*"
Comment on the fact that I should have said "before HER freshman year".

"Yes, the big bad freshman (well, small. You weren't very big.)"
Describing who i would have been freshman year had I been dating her at that point.

"and a 6th grader. "

'*nods* in my old school district, that'd be skipping past a whole set of school. (Middle school was 7th and 8th.)'
If we had dated before she moved (halfway through 6th grade) we would have been skipping middle school. I would have been a freshman, and she'd be in elementary school. (wow. that's kind of depressing.)

"Off to school."
The same thing she says every morning ;)

I feel like such an idiot.

I definately know I'm not getting enough sleep when I need notes translated for me.


Heh. no biggie at all :)

Like I said, it's a lot harder to read when I'm replying to myself ;)

Hi! I noticed you on Spratt's journal, and you looked like an interesting fellow. I *love* the way you designed your journal! It totally rules. So anyway, I added you, and I just wanted to say "hi". :)

I stole the LASTN design from rahaeli, so you'll have to let her know that you like it ;)

If you really like the LASTN though, check out the friends page. I did that one myself based on a forum I've been in a couple times. I'm VERY proud of that one ;)

Dude, you never answered my comment!


even tho i dont know you and your lj confuses me a bit i thought i'd tell you "hey you have my last name" k... well bbye:-)


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