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(Started yesterday)
2 days in a row I've been up before 7am. I had forgotten there was a 7am.

(mmm, Gershwin. I LOVE gerswhin. This has got to be the best music week ever.)

Monday night I developed the pictures I took on Saturday. A remarkable number of them came out well, which was both surprising and pleasing.

(Eww. I just realized my hands smell like photo chemicals.)

Was feeling like crap on Monday night. So I decided I'd go to bed early and do my contact prints before classes on Tuewday morning. Was offline around 10pm, Climbed up to bed (brought the Christmas lights with me.) and was asleep by 10:30. Great, right?

Wrong. At 12:30 in the morning, Sergio comes bashing into the room, being chased (apparently) by two marker-wielding foes. He slams the door shut behind him, turns on the light, and starts shouting throug the crack at the bottom of the door. Do you know how loud you have to shout through a door for a deaf person to hear you? (The answer is simple - you can't. But his friends apparently don't know that.) Loud enough to wake me up. Loud enough to drag me (and at least 2 other people on the floor) out of peacful slumber and back into a reality where I had a headache, all the lights were on in my room, and I didn't have a chance in Hell of sleeping. I just curled up in teh corner of my bed and tried to ignore them. (hah.) Cried myself back to sleep eventually, cause they wouldn't shut up, and my head hurt sooo much.....

Woke up at 6:30 the next day (tuesday), since I wanted to get those contact sheets done before CS (thank goodness I did). Had the photo lab all to myself the entire time. Went to breakfast for the first time in a while. Ate with Sharkey (who was also pissed aboout Sergio and Co's antics the night before.) and Ashley, who is "stalking" me, accoridng to her. (sunflwrmoonbeam, not akgonzales) Ate, went to Computer Science. Came back to the dorm, killed 45 minutes and went to chem lab for checkout. Filled out a horrible ICIS form on him because henever talks and I don't have any need to let him continue destroying student's lab grades. Was on my way back to the dorm to print photos when Brian Roth caught me walking to my bike. He needed help on the quiz - so I helped him. A useful guy, I am. Redid that whole thing with him for an hour, and at 12:15 when I left I decided I didn't have time to print before chem. Decided I'd go to 1pm chem and print before CS100. However when I was trying to get ready I realized I had lost my chem quiz. My "It's due in 20 minutes or it's a 0" quiz. I looked around for 10 minutes, decided it was gone (i still haven't found it) and went to chem. Asked paul for another, did most of it from memory, and borrowed a calculator to finish. 30 minutes, when most people took an hour or two ;) That's what i get for doing it three times :) (Got a 16/20, btw.) Sat through class. Lalala. Came back. Had no time to print, so sat around wasting more time. Went to CS100. Got out early, came back and ate dinner around 4:45. Discovered that no one eats dinner around 4:45 ;) They had shrimp! Really GOOD battered Shrimp! I had a whole plateful. It was SOOO good. Way better than the lobster we had one time. (Just so you know, dorm food here is normally crap, just like everywhere else. We just get lucky once a month or so and get some actual food. They do that so we don't riot, i think.)

After dinner, I started printing immediatley. I had a plan to use 6 prints - had them all taken out and everything. Normally to get 5 GOOD prints takes about 3 hours when working from two enlargers (in my experience.) And I was hoping for really awesome prints, meaning that it was going to take longer. Also knew I'd only be working from one enlarger, because EVERY photo class has projects due this week. So, I was expecting it to take about 6 hours, if I was lucky. Turned out that I only needed about 3.5 to 4 hours (was working from one enlarger) to do it all. I figured out quickly how to guess on exposure time based on the roll of film it was on. Was very useful and saved me TONS of time (and probably a fair amount of paper).

Got 6 awesome prints by around 8:30 or 9, came back up, chatted for a while, and went to bed by midnight. Listened to Charlie Brown christmas music to fall asleep. A gentle falling asleep, followed by...
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