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So, after a weekend of non-existant updates, here I am, writing to all you friendly people. (Yes, most journallers would link to their friends page at this point, but I have people not on my friends list that read, and some people on my friends list that i'm pretty sure don't.) Anyway...

Friday night, I sat around for a while. Christy and I had plans to watch American Beauty here for most of the week. However, when Friday night rolled around I was in a horrible mood. Sarah and I were, as often seemse to be the case on weekends, kind of upset. I think we both just want to be more popular... :) After dinner, I called, and she and I talked for 2 hours on the phone. I can honestly say it was one of the most meaningful conversations (at least on the phone) I've ever had with her. She shared some things she doesn't normally tell me, which means a lot to me. Especiallysince she's rather famous for not sharing her feelings. :) Anyway, after 2 hours on the phone, I was pretty much out of things to say. We got off and talked online for a while. I still wasn't in a great mood, and I was doing the same thing I always do in talking to Christy - cutting off my nose to spite my face. Around 10, she told me she was sad because she wanted to hang out like we had planned. Of course, being the egotistical bastard I am, this hit a nerve right away and I told her to bring the movie down. Decided at 10pm on a Friday, I didn't want to let her walk down allone. Rode my bike up to FAR and left it there so I could ride it back after I took her home. Sergio and Ashley were finishing off his bottle of Smirnoff before they went out for the night when we got back.

Christy and i snacked on bad dorm food pizza for a while while ashley and sergio were here, We then started the movie when they left. From up on my bed, because that is the best place in the world to watch movies. It's comfy, it has good sound, and it's a good shot to the screen. I prefer steve's setup, but i like it the way it is right now too.

American Beauty is a very sad movie. The music is incredible, and I like the movie, but it's very sad. At the end, I was crying... this, combined with the whole fact that i'm very down on the whole emotional thing caused me to start sobbing at the end of the movie. I'm such a wuss. Anyway, Christy was willing to let me hug my teddy bear and cry, and give me hugs that made me feel better too. Thank you. I appreciate it. It's nice to know I have some friends here as well as other places. It's nice that some people don't mind it when I cry because I want to go home. Because I do. I want to see my girlfriend again, I want to see my family again, I want ot sleep in my own ground-level bed again. I want to know where things are. But I'm complaining again. And I do have a lot of good things - I'm at an awesome school, in a cool town, getting a good education. I'm in a warm room, I have all the food I can eat (even if it is shitty, it's still food) . I Can dowhatever I want most of the time. All of these thins i'm really thankful for - it's just hard to tell with the asshole way i act :)

Anyway... took christy home after a while. Saturday, woke up around noon. went out, took pictures for photo (which i still need to develop.). I'm hoping some of them come out well. Got my other photo project back - got an A- on it! woo! much good.

Sat around my room and did nothing all afternoon. Was going to watch LOTR, but then they didnt' play it. Went over to Christy's around 10 to DDR - that was a ton of fun. I love that game, and I asked for it for christmas. Got all sweaty doing that. :) Almost brought her back to watch princess bride, but she decided she wanted sleep ;)

Came back and sat online for a while. Went to bed at like 2? 3? something like that. Anyway, went to bed, woke up around 12:30... Did nothing all day. Christy came over and did chem homework all afternoon. Took her home at midnight so she wouldn't fall asleep walking back. Got online. Talked. Went to bed. Slept. Woke up at 8am. Did nothing before class. Got to math class today and found out that we won't get our exams back til Wednesday >_< . Fire alarm during Sci and Society sent us all outside. been sitting online since I came in. Will develop photos after dinner. And everything will be good again. Finals next week. Not going to be a good thing. *wishes self luck*

I can never tell if these are long or not. Semagic full screen on big res makes everything look really short. I should do something about that. Ah well. *posts entry*

See American Beautyf, If you're not depressed. It is really good. Just kind of sad if you look at it the wrong way.
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