Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt

New friends and a math exam

Math exam today. I'm fairly well prepared for it - went over the practice exam twice (once with elizabeth and again last night with Christy). I don't know how well I'm going to do on it, but if I do well, it's looking like I might even be able to pull an A in that class. Elizabeth said that if I do well, it'll depend entirely on the final exam - I'll be sitting bascially at a B, and I can move up, stay the same, or move down. Luckily, math is my first exam, meaning I have 4 days to rest and study for it.

Zank (music Proffesor) has an increidble amount of historical knowledge. Sometimes I feel like this is more of a history class than a music class. He knows everything of and relating to music. He knows numbers of colonists in US in the 1600's. He knows names, languages, and dates. Were he teaching something I was more interested in, I could see his classes as being fun just because of how much information he has. Unfortunately, this is a horrible setup to take a class from him in. He's not good at lecturing. I think he would be great for a Discussion TA, but not a 200 person lecture (where only about 50 show up because of how much he bores them.)

Created custom styles for deadjournal and blurty syn feeds. Spratt is going to make one for uJ. Full text entries, hooray! I think the dilbert and foxtrot screenscrapers are broken at them oment, which is no fun.

Oooh! i forgot to mention, I have new friends. A whole bunch of them!
Kamara - Yay support people! Nice to know not everone has more points than me ;)

Xerofilter-Not sure exactly who this is, but I think he grabbed my name from wefuckindareyou Hi. Nice to meecha.

Mortaine - good to see you on here! I don't know why I never added you before. Lazyness most likely :)

Beginning - Ashley! A big underwater moo to you! My new favorite person! Although your ability to talk like them still scares me.

Ralesk - Doesn't seem to want to add me back. But he's one of those new paid people from the news post! Added for the viewing of my Pretty Chris pics, although I don't mind having him on my list. He "gets it" - as arie realized, which is why he IS paid.

(My music prof is singing "my man is a cruel man" - demonstrating the blues, he says. Showing his true rainbow colors, I say.)
Just finished my math exam. Wans' bad - only 8 problems, and I finished with 5-10 mins to spare. Only a couple problems came up with answeres that seemed "wrong" - then again, who knows. I thought I did okay on that test but I got a D-.

Continuing with friends:

e121nc4mp05 - the new erin.

hell_raven - Josh! another of christy and fran's friends.

spongefran - fran's lj account so he can read my friends only.

littledownpour - christy's lj account for the same reason :)

earthemp6 - another random pickup from "We Fucking Dare You" I think, not quite sure.

kangarooofdoom - pretty sure she latched on from somewhere in the news post. :)

Ellen (the wildrose) - Another one added for "PrettyChris". Also, because i said 'you don't want to look at my style, add me to your friends list' - so she did ;)

gottaloveme15 - catherine. Same as above ;) My aim layout was too big for her screen at the time, so i'm on her friends list ;)

sugarvaulter - camhams maintainer for both Blurty and LJ. Speaking of which, i should add camhams as an LJ syn feed so I remember to look at it :)

That looks to be about it for now. I'd write more, but i've got chem soon. and i'm not even close to prepared ;)

Look for more journalling from me before the day is out, as well as (hopefully) some new syn feeds. Yay for syndication!
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