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Paid accounts
I paid for 4 paid accounts this evening. One for Sarah, one for Quack. One for ronya (a random russian) and one for ... bah. can't even remember the last one. It was brought on by the LiveJournal servers being down and therefore not allowing free users to post entries or comments. This was done for good reasons - basically, to prevent the rest of the LiveJournal servers from dying (and causing fairly damaging effects). With the free users disabled - it was nice. I could post, read, and do everything without any lag. It was fun. Unfortunately, everyone is back now. Which means it's slow.

Of the accounts I bought:

Sarah doesn't like it. She's on dialup, therefore doesn't see the fast server use much. She doesn't like makign styles or anything of that sort. She doesnt' think it's worth it for just the icons. I thought she might enjoy it as a little early christmas gift, and this gave me a reason to buy it. She doesn't though.

The fourth person is someone who plans on not using their LiveJournal anymore. Not enough research there, my own fault.

Quackkwak - Loves it. she's wanted one for a long time, and finally got one. I can't wait to see what she'll do with the ability to actually make styles rather than just hacking with overrides :)

Ronya - Was very grateful. he/she can't buy one easily because he/she lives in the Russian Federation. Paypal doesn't accept credit cards from Russian and cashiers checks are difficult/impossible to get there. So, I bought him/her one.

Batting .500 aint horrible I suppose. But still - not so great as I would have hoped.

I'm looking in good shape for Homework for the rest of the week. Math homework is already turned in, and i'm actually feeling fairly confident for the exam. Chem is a take home exam on friday, and Christy's coming over at night to watch American Beauty (cause I haven't seen it yet).

Followed Ashley (beginning) around the news post and commented on a bunch of the comments there. I'm just comment whoring, bug damnit, I want more recieved comments! I got a bunch about the paid account I bought. Which makes me feel special.

I'm sad. Sarah doesn't want to talk to me at all tomorrow. Ah well, I need to get stuff done anywhere. I understand why people wouldn't want to talk to me. I wouldn't want to talk to me, were I me.

About bedtime. CS173 at 9 and Chem101 at 2 (or 1, depending on how i feel). Not bad, not bad.

Night all. And buy a paid account - keep LiveJournal alive.

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Sarah will learn to like having a paid account, I'm sure! I got mine last November just for userpics and polls (and because I wanted to support the project), and was happy with it at the time, and now that there's all these other crazy features that weren't around when I first paid, (the directory, syndication, popwithfriends, friendsfriends, similar interests) I'm extra happy. :) I never thought I'd want to make styles or mood themes either, but I have anyway, and it was fun. Yay paid account!

I'll leave you a comment! I have about 4 times as many posted comments as received comments...guess my friends don't like me much. Ha.

I LOVE my paid account. Just got it yesterday, and I don't think I could ever stand going back to being a free user. For one thing, as a free user I got that stupid "cannot find server" page EVERY time I clicked a link. Unless I was answering support requests...the support area must be on the fast servers or something. I don't think I've seen the "cannot find server" page once since my account became paid, and I've been on the site pretty much constantly. :D

I understand why people wouldn't want to talk to me. I wouldn't want to talk to me, were I me.

::thwaps you for saying that::


I agree. You should know better. Or, to look at it a different way, you realize that rather insults me? =p


If I had a pay account I'd probably play with it on a daily basis... I guess that could be positive or negative XD
I don't have a credit card or paypal or anything though =X

Christmas gift? I'm hoping I can ask for a perm account for my birthday. They should be on sale again around that time. I'd LOVE to support the site like that, and they get some extra features.

(Comment whoring)

Well, 50-50 isn't bad. The one who doesn't plan on using their LJ anymore might change their mind, now that they have a paid acct. The Russian was soooooo happy-- you did a good thing, there, and for a complete stranger (I recently gave a random Russian from codesharing a code so he could start his first LiveJournal).

Sarah might come around-- there are other benefits to having a paid account (better search features, extra invite codes, polls, email address-- more private, and rss feeds if she wants them or has friends on rss-enabled blogs). Also, now she's helping to support the site. Honestly, though, she might just be frustrated or resentful about other things (like: she would rather have you with her than have a paid acct!) and using the LJ to focus it. I can't think of too many other reasons someone would mind getting paid time as a gift.

I didn't say I hated the paid account. Take my earlier reaction, before I wasn't a very happy person anymore. That was like, woo, yay. But then I realized, you know, it's kind of pointless, because I had decided before that it was not worth money to pay for extra icon space, since that was really the only thing I needed it for. Invite codes, I don't need. I have two journals, myself, and if someone else needs one, I know several people I can ask for one. I don't want to make styles. I'm not good at it and I never will be, mainly because I just don't have the patience for it. Faster servers don't really matter much...I'm still not a faster server. Mood themes, nope. I don't care about the directory, never really have.

I wasn't saying it was a bad thing, just that it was kind of pointless for me.

I bought an account for a girl who had a crap exchange rate, too. She loved it.

Good for you! :D

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