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AIM Style
New layout.
i don't care if it doesn't fit on your screen. if you really want to see it all, and you run at a kind of medium res, hit f11 in IE to make it full screen. otherwise, i dont' really give a shit about how it looks on your browser. i like it, it fits on my monitor fine, and i like it.

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Awesome new layout chris! Very purdy and fancy.

Got the idea from something i did for a request back in the day - a nice layout, but not nearly as good as mine:


The biggest problem with that is that it's designed for the width most users have, which means it is tiny. it's also disjointed, which is just dumb. if you're going to do a style like this, the only thing that even has a chance of working is generator, or at least something that's modified to be less blocky than that. I like my new one a lot though, and i did it all myself, basically, with a little bit of help from other people. so i'm very proud of it.

Thats really cool & original

   Likeable.  Very.  And works on Mozilla; that's plusgood.

Unfortunately, that's not the new style. In editing it, LJ killed it at some point - all the forms are dead. A cached copy I had is at http://peanut.sytes.net/aim/aim.htm . I plan on remaking it this weekend. I worked hard on making the MR one compliant. The aim one, i gave no cares or worries whatsoever ;)

Also, if you thought the thread was funny - check the link (prettychris in the aim layout): i just added you to my friends list, so it's visible to you now ;)

   Wow!  Geeky and damn good at it :D

That one, however, won't work in pretty much anything except IE on a fairly large res. But I like it anyway ;)

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