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It snowed. It's cold out. The car ran out of gas, and i had to get my dad to give me more. luckily, we had some in the gas can. (i still claim the little orange light didn't go on). Mailed defective ink to samedayink. Ate corn flakes with lots of sugar for breakfast because i didn't want to open the frosted flakes cause we already had 4 boxes of cereal open.

spent last night, wednesday night, and tuesday night with sarah. erin huberty came over at midnight on tuesday night and we watched requiem for a dream. it was very good. Erin and alyssa and derek and sarah and i got pie on tuesday before erin came over. that was fun.

I'm hungry.

sorry. a sucky post, i know. more later, maybe.

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Hey, you did something wif someone and didn't tell me at all! *gasps and pretends to be very hurt*

i told you. look. right there. it says "i watched requiem for a dream with erin". :)

Sorry. I've been tired and stuff from staying up too late. and... it didn't really seem all that important. I mean, we just had rabid bunny sex! what's so wrong with that?

just kidding, of course :)

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