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RoSaRoNi713 (6:37:41 PM): Apparently some preps I've never talked to think I'm "wierd and depressing". And for some reason that makes me happy.
Nostrademons (6:37:59 PM): *finds Mia "weird and depressing"*
ChrisRS84 (6:38:09 PM): you just want to make her happy, nos.
Nostrademons (6:38:18 PM): of course Chris :-P
Nostrademons (6:38:21 PM): 'cuz we're married

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*gets even*

ChrisRS84: i love jess *nods*

Well, I don't think Sarah will mind. Since jess likes sam and all. I don't see her switching to liking me or anything like that. Then again, what do I know?

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