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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Today is a day where people think back upon the last year, about the things that have changed. The things that have gotten better, and the things that might have been worse. We give thanks for these things, as well as giving thanks to the people who discovered and developed this country so long ago. We give thanks for friends, family, loved ones, and life.

This year, I owe thanks to many people. I do not expect this list to be, by any means, comprehensive. Nor will I update it, most likely. I just want to get some names out there of people and things I'm thankful for.

The first person, in my mind, that deserves my thanks, is Erin. Erin is my best friend, and has been for many years. For 6 months this year, we didn't see each other outside of school. In those 6 months, i learned more about life than I had in a long time before. Erin taught me (conciously or unconciously) that age doesn't matter - it's the person underneath that matters. She taught me that love isn't in the looks or the body of the person you're talking to - it's in the heart. and you can see it in their eyes. She taught me that standing up against all odds is hard as hell - but if you do it right, it's fun as hell. Since july, she's been my constant companion through the minefields that are our relationships. I think (and fully expect) we have a friendship that will last longer than just about anything else i've got going for me. and i'm glad of it.

The second biggest person in my life this year has been Sarah. Sarah is the girl I love. The cute little chica that I've been dating for 7 months, 9 hours, and 40 minutes... now (9:38 am). The girl that I truly believe I want to spend the rest of my life with. Just the thought of her can make me happy. Just a hug from her can make me sigh with pleasure (don't be dirty now.) Talking to her makes me laugh. Cuddling with her makes me one of the most happy people I've ever been. I love her, with all my heart. Whoever directs things, whoever made it so that I could meet this girl - thank you. Thank you a million times over. And to Sarah - you are amazing. You're the most amazing person there is. I love you. And I always will.

Some other people i need to thank:

Christy, for keeping me sane during my last week at school, and for letting me be there when things were rough. You're better than mr. "I'm flunking out of community college"... and you know it. You've got fran, and he sounds to me like the best guy you could ever want. Keep your chin up kiddo, and keep smiling - you help me to smile too.

Trish, for letting me enter into college with her at my side. I know we don't hang out a lot anymore, but she changed the way I look at the college experience for the better. Thank you.

Kari, for showing me the college life I probably don't want to lead ;) You've also been there to help me, whether it's music or chem, or friends or family. Thank you.

Metties! The people who probably read this thing. Can't forget any of you. Amy, who's brought Sarah back to me a couple times, almost from the edge. Mel, who has always been there with a kind word to cheer Sarah up. Nos, who has taught me way too much about life in general. ;) Even some of the people who don't like me, or I act like I don't like... You guys are really great too. You teach me a lot. Chizzy especially - there's a lot of things I've learned in our in and out fighting that I might never have realized otherwise. Jess, who is always there to be comforting, and realistic, when I need her most. Allex, who has always been able to make me realize how important any of this crap really is ;)

The others of you, mostly support people: Bertho and Kristan, for dragging me into cust again. It may be gone now, but man oh man was it fun while it lasted. Janine, for being my mentor in cust - and a great one at that. Tenshi and Rho for being so awesome about the race - it's too bad I won't be playing anymore, with my category gone :) Spratt for always letting me know that I would be missed if I went away. Rah, for telling me that I was helpful. There's just so many of you... I can't even try to thank you all. It's been grand.

There's a million more people out there who probably deserve my thanks. But these are some of the people I think of daily. The people who are on my mind... and the people who've made it all okay. Thank you.

Especailly Sarah. I love you.

Now where's the damn turkey!? ;)

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