Chris Schmidt (crschmidt) wrote,
Chris Schmidt


I'm pretty good. it's nice to be home, although i wish my other friends weren't still at school. It snowed, which means it's really pretty outside - but i can't find the digicam. hoping it will snow a bit more, but doubting it :) It's sunny, i love my room, and i'm happy to be back. my computer faciliites are severly lacking here. can't play divx movies on this computer, only winamp 3 (not winamp 2), and all my music that i had at home was on the computer that died last week. I'm downloading christmas stuff to hold me over ;) (yes, kristan, it is time for christmas music. :-P)

Right now I'm just sitting around attempting to take fairly good pictures of snow stuff for all my friends back at my other home who don't see it ;) and lamenting my lack of good conneecction.

that's my more recent update ;)

ashley - give me a call if you want to hang out. i'm bored during the day and after about 10pm cause sarah is in school or has to be at home in her room, without me there ;)
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