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At home again (please note: romantic. do not read if you don't like romantic stuff)

Warning: Romantic stuff ahead. not going to lj-cut cause i'm lazy and i like to read this stuff. but you've been warned.

Good Morning everybody!
Well, a lot has changed since you last saw me. I'm in a different town, in a different area, in a different mindset...
If you guessed "Hey! He must be at home!" you'd be right!

I have indeed returned to my hometown of St. Charles. (Those of you who know me probably realize that I'm not actually FROM St. Charles, originally. In fact, all the males in my immediate family were born in Wauekgan.) St. Charles is my hometown, where I've lived for the past 15 years of my life. I've grown up here, and I love coming home to see it again. When I lived here I can't say it was my favorite place in the world. I wasn't proud of it, I was never really excited about it, and I never really defended it. The people here make me upset, because they're overly rich, and are totally unwilling to share their wealth through taxes for schools and such. Nevertheless, it is my home. And I love coming back to it.

Anyway, I left school around 11:20 on saturday. There was an extra person in the car so we took a bit longer getting home (although we made good time on the road, Sam is a good driver). Stopped to drop extra person off at the mall. Got home. Said hi to parents. talked for a bit, and finally went over to Sarah's around 3.

It'd been just short of 4 weeks sincec I had seen her. Her being the girl for whom I long. The girl who haunts I dream. The girl I love. And as upset as she sometimes makes me (oh, you know you do, stop complaining) - it has been worth it. To finally hold her in my arms again. To have that cuddly girl back. To be able to hold her in my arms and know she's mine. Nothing can top that. No one else can ever be that girl, no one else will ever be that girl. I hate being away, but coming back makes it all worth it.

She was wearing the mst cuddly top I had ever seen. This really cute sweater she bought for her people to people interview. So, what was i supposed to do? I cuddled. all day. until 11. at night. We watched toy story 2 at her house, during which all we did was lay on/with each other (that sounds dirty, but it's not). She came over for dinner, then we killed time til my brother brought back a movie. During that time, she kinda tickle/flirted with tony. my youngest brother. which was so weird. i didn't mind. but it was weird that my girlfriend is just as comfortable around my brother, who is 4 years younger than me, ,as she is with me. we slept cuddled up on the couch through sum of all fears. Took her home. Cuddled on the couch for a while. finally went home around 11.

hopped on livejournal, found more drama ;) ignored it, beecause i just don't care. i'm going to keep doing support. and none of you will stop me.

woke up, went to church. came back, and sarah had finished all her homework that she could. that was good, beccause that meant i had the day with her ;) went over there around noon. we went and watched Harry potter 2 again. Was fun. came back. hung out in her room and "watched" tv. yes. then had fondue. came back up in her room to get my phone... she followed me up, and stopped me for a second. went to her computer and put on "this year's love." The song from prom last year. We just danced in the dark in her room. then she played "amazing". And it was exactly that - amazing... "Every little thing that you do, baby i'm amazed by you."

Went to drop off stuff that my mom forgot at home when she went to school. decided i'd stop by east. walked around for a while... wandered into the commons, and as i stopped to talk to someone, i saw her coming. it was awesome. just to be like a normal high school couple again... to be able to just... walk around school together. it was a happy time.

came back home. and decided to eat lunch. and finish this. which i just did. and that's my story. indeed.
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