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on the road again...
The journal won't be gone. Although the poll was nice, it was just my egocentric way of getting comments. It happens every couple months.

I have a few issues with what to do when I want to insult/make fun of other people. But I'll figure those out later :)

On my way home at 11am today. I can't wait - that is quite literal.

I'm going to miss my music, movies, room. And for this first time since i've been here - I'm going to miss my friends. Sure, I missed them befor,e but I didn't really care: it was just some people at school. Now I'm going to miss hanging out with them - the dinner crew (laura, ashley, angie are insane), Christy, hell, i'm even gonna miss tuling ;) (and i'm sure i spelled that wrong).

I'm not going to miss not being within a 20 minute drive of my girlfriend though. That'll be nice :) I can't wait to see her again... *mwah* love you kiddo

Blame Ashley for the music of the now. ;) Time to finish packing/Cleaning!