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Big images
A bunch of webcam shots from a while ago. Random shots. Will resize and edit post, currently all images are at 640x480 (about 300k total). This one is my favorite though :)

Fairly live webcam (but still designed for dialup users) is availble at http://peanut.sytes.net/webcam.htm . I'm not always there, but when I am... well, that's where I am :) Feel free to comment.

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Indeed. A care bear, no less.

oh my gosh, is that a care bear? CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU
all stuffed animals are cute >.<
that shirt is pretty funny too *giggles*

That is a care bear. Grumpy bear, to be precise. Older than my girlfriend, he is. Still sleep with him, even at college. I'm told it's cute. personally, i think it's silly and clingy - but i do it anyway ;)

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