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Wow. This is a long entry.

I bet ya'll missed me, didn't you? No serious writing time since Monday! How did you live? But that's okay, cause nothing I have to say is really that important anyway.

I've been trying to stay away from the whole writing "one-liners' about life. They tend to make me feel like I'm informing you all how things are going, when really I'm not. Most of those one-liners ( looking back) provide some kind of disjointed, detached, uninformative skip through those times of my life. I use my journal partly as a way to communicate with you wonderful people, but mostly as a way to keep track of my life. So not only am I keeping YOU out of the loop, I'm losing thos memories. Those thoughts I have at the time. Whether it be anger, or something different, it's still a thought that i had at the time, and that's an important part of who I am. For large sections of tiem, I no longer know how I felt. Months of my life have gone by with no exact memorires remaining - just that little whis that every person has. I feel depressed by this idea every now and then. Of course, at that point, a shiny object usually distracts me.

Every night this week, Christy has come over and done homework at my place, or I've gone over there. Everything from chemistry (mon, tues) to CS (Weds) to Math (Thurs). I get so much more doen when I'm working with someone else. It keeps me off the computer (for the most part) and that is very helpful. In general, it also keeps me much more interested. I dont' mind working something out with a friend - it's only a problem when I have to work something out that I hate, by myself. Personally, I think I'm hindering her, rather than helping her, but she denies it :) I haven't been staying up past 2am doing homework like I normally do - the goal is generally to be done by mindight. I don't know how well she's been doing, But I've been doing a lot better than usual with my homework.

On tuesday, I had my last chem lab ever. Monday night was spent doing the (short) prelab for it. Tuesday was my Hell day, with CS173 from 9-10, chem lab from 11-2 (although it only went til 1) and chem discussion at 2 (but i went at 1 instead to get it over with). To wrap the day up, I had CS100. This schedule left me no time to eat breakfast or lunch. I returned from CS100 and had to print all my photos for my photo review that was due on Wednesday. That took me right through dinner. I got back t o my room, got online, and was in a generally bitchy mood. (apologies for that.) After 30 minutes or so, I realized - Hey, I haven't eaten anything yet today! Maybe /that's/ why I'm being a major ass! So, I called Christy (since we were going to do chem homework anyway), got her to come up and eat with me.

We went to Jimmy John's (mmm, Jimmy John's) and got subs. Came back here and ate/worked on chem homework. Finished around midnight and tried very hard tgo help Christy through hers too so that she would be able to concentrate on the CS homework the next night. We finished all the way up through her last few problems, and I took her home (so she wouldn't get attacked by the person who's been commiting attacks on campus) around 1 or 2. Got online and did some support. I've got a nice fat youreplied list right now. I've actually been answering some gunk (mostly just the easy stuff) since I want to get I2's at some point.

The biggest problem on Tuesday night was the fact that sergio was pulling an "all-nighter". Little did I know at the time that an "all-nighter" meant that he was going to start writing a 3-5 page paper on a movie. Something I probably could have pounded out pretty well in an hour. For Sergio, an all nighter seems to mean playing snood while talking to friends between 4 and 5. So, I didnt' fall asleep until about 5 or 5:30, when he actually started workign again, as in "typing" rather than clicking.

Needless to say, I didn't have a lot of luck getting up on Wednesday. I didn't even try to get up for music (which is why you didn't have a wednesday entry) choosing instead to sleep that extra hour and wake up for math. Got back, Christy and I hung out and just talkied in my room for a while (we're in the same math class, and it's in Allen, so we just eat lunch, and then came up here). - That was relaxing. I also decided that were I to go to Science and Society, Prof. Rosen would put me to sleep. Sp, I choose to not embarress myself that way, instead studying for the chem quiz I had the next hour. Took it, and felt good about it. Came home, slacked at working on CS173 HW. Had photo at 7, photo review, got out at 9. Called up Evans to let him know I was goign downstairs at 10 to work. Checked the Newsgroup for the class, et.c Called Christy over, found a nice room (people were in Walless) and did the homework.

It was the most productive CS HW session I've ever participated in. Jeff and Christy are both about the same skill level as I am. This makes it much easier to work with them, and much less likely for "cheating" to occur. Sicne we all tend to maek the same mistakes and have the same problems/questions. (look! mistakes :)) James came downl ater and gave explanations for a few we didnt' understand - not doing them for us, but explaining the concepts about them. It was actually not a horrible homework, but of course it wasn't too fun either, being CS173. I felt horrible for Christy though: took her home aroudnd 2 in the morning when we got done, and she still had 2 more hours of Japenese Homework to do. immediately after 3 horus of CS hw. Yikes.

Anyway, I came back and talked her through staying up to finish her homework. I dont' know, I feel like I'm taking responsibility for her level of schoolwork - she does it for me too - i wanted to g... bah. I'll get there.

Woke up at 8 on thursday. Went down and ate breakfast and talked CS173 with jeff and james. First breakfast i've eaten in... well, I think months. It was french toast. Very good. Went to class, listend rather distractedly to prof harris mumble on and on about graph stuff. One thing you can say for that guy - he may not be the best teacher, he may not be teaching the easiest topic or anything like that - but he sure does like what he's talking about. He does know it too - knowing something is different from being able to teach it. Anyway, wandered through that, and came back here and did nothing. for like, 3 hours :) went to the earlier chem (1pm instead of 2 again) got my quiz back (20/20! WOO!) and came back here. Actually looked at the math homework, but mostly just did support. Definite tendancy towards Gunk. I'm getting lazy *sigh* I think that some people are corrupting me. *stares at people corrupting his opinion of cust* Eventually, went to dinner, came back, and talked to sarah for a bit. She went to SHF induction and came back.

( The feds are after me! )

I was in a very depressed mood. I didn't want to do anything, much less my math homework. I decided the only way I was going to get anything done was to get out of Allen... so I did. I bet you can guess where I went.

Left Allen at 10. Went to christy's, we did the math hw in the lounge until midnight thirty. I looked at her computer a bit (her cd drive is acting up), came home, and stayed online til about three trying to do support, then fell asleep. Got up in time for music, went to that and math, then went to chem (only 9 people in the class out of 20-25 that should have been) came back, and started writing this off and on :)

I go home on saturday. I'm ready for it.

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