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The Weekend

Good Morning!

Sure, it may not be Morning when you read this, but it's 10:11 right now :-)

Wondering about what's going on with me? Some of you haven't seen much out of me in the past few days. Some of you have complained about me making "secret posts" (braindrain, acerbic). Well, now you get to hear about my weekend, after which you'll remember WHY I keep quiet. :) I'm very hyper as I write this, so excuse any random weirdness (oo! that part is written in pen! before was pencil!)

I had a very fun, non-productive, non-learning weekend. I did little to no work all weekend. And I enjoyed it immensely. I must admit though, that it all began last Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoons at 4pm, I have this Oh So Amazingly Informative CS100 lection </sar>. Every CS major, Engineering or LAS, has to take it - which means it is utterly dull. In general, I try to sit by someone I know by sight but not by name. On the 12th, that person was someone from my math class. This person was writing in a spiral notebook, something that didnt' appear to be homework. Curious, wondering if it might be a nanowrimo project or something similar, I asked.

"An online journal," she replied. Intrigued, I continued to inquire. "Where at?" "Blurty." I explained my connection to LJ, and my knowledge of Blurty. Fast forward through an hour of boring lecture crap on security and newsgroups, get her blurty name, go home, look her up, add her as a friend, etc. Christy is in 3 of my classes - and I didn't know her name before last tuesday. We start talking on AIM - I learn many things about her, most notably that she has not yet seen Moulin Rouge. This, of course, is a crime against humanity. Anyone who has not seen it, do it now. As in, you should stop reading. Go. Now. Anyway....

Fast Forward to Friday...

Class until 3pm. Going with Shannon to see Harry Potter that afternoon, after which Christy was supposed to come over and watch MR. Shannon ducked out of chorus early, so we caught the 3:55 bus to Meijer/Bev Cinemas, made it there okay. Watched Harry Potter. Good fun. I think I'm overly fond of Ginny, however. I almost started crying when McGonagall said she had been taken to the CoS (Okay, Okay - I did start tearing up.) I won't review it - if you want that, go back a few days on my friends page. Anyway, the plan went off without a hitch. Took the bus home. Got back around 8:15 or 8:30. On the way home, invited Shannon (who had only seen MR once) to watch it. Went back cleaned up my room so I wouldn't look like a pig, let Christy and Shannon know to come over. We watched that - very enjoyable. It made me miss Sarah, so I grabbed grumpy and hugged him a lot. They made fun of me for singing all the words. Bah. It's a good movie. We also ordered pizza. I think that's the first time I've taken enough initiative to order pizza. 384-7272. Papa John's. Yep Yep.

So, MR ended around 11:30. Invited both of them to stay and watch something else - I usually don't go to bed til 2, so I figured another short flick wouldn't be a big deal on a Friday Night. Shannon decided she didn't want to stay, so she left for ISR. Christy decided to stay. So, figuring that she'd want to be home at a decent hour, i tried to pick a short movie... Little did I know at the time.. :) We watched Crazy/Beautiful. For those who haven't seen/heard about it, it's a romantic kind of movie: not much of a plot, just the right kind of thing for a Friday night when you don't feel like thinking. This movie brought up a lot of discussion about our people back home - discussion all the cute things they do, etc. as well as how much we missed them. After that was over, we decided that another short movie wouldn't be a big problem. Christy is as bad as Sarah about making decisions apparently. :) We picked Haiku tunnel, since we hadn't filled the "comedy" niche that evening yet. I love having people watch that movie with. It's just so funny :) "Back to your desk. Settle down. Focus.... Catch up!" etc. Good movie.

I don't quite know how we decided to watch another movie, but we did. Despite the fact that it was 2:30 in the morning at this point. :) None of the DVD's I had looked appealing, so we decided to watch one of my moviese on cd/ hard drive: Ocean's 11. That's a long movie, for those of you who don't know. we'd both seen it before, but at 3-4 in the morning ,what do you expect? :) We watched all of that, neither of us even fell asleep. It was nice to be in a situation for once where I didn't have to worry about explaining that I was in a relationship with someone younger, and not have the person understand.

Walked her home, came back, did 30 minutes or so of support, and fell asleep.

Woke up at noon. Wasn't hungry, so i got online. Talked to some friends, and was told anime club was meeting. Although I had never been, and knew full well that I would be totally lost throughout the whole thing, I didn't feel like sitting around all day on a Saturday avoiding homework, so I decided to go. As I expected, I was completely lost. ;) It was still fun though, and it has brought back some feelings towards anime i haven't had in a while - makes me want to grab the second dvd from the rose arc of utena, if i can get some cash. :)

Came back, ate dinner (I was hungry by that point) and saw that christy was online. She was going to Roméo et Juliette, but I wanted to watch more movies, so I asked if she wanted to watch something afterwards :) Since she's completely indecisive (maybe this is why I like hanging out with her - she not only reminds me of sarah, doesn't bug me about dating a sophmore, she also lets me make all the decisions... this could be a bad trend :)) she said fine. She sent Run Lola Run to me through the FTP, but then i found out she had the FF movie. So, I told her to bring that. She came over around midnight after R&J, and we watched FF. I love that movie more every time i See it -it's so gorgeous. I can't wait for the next one, assuming it doesn't get scrapped. It's going to be so good. Anyway, once again we just sat around for a bit - the ndecided to watch Run Lola Run. I knew nothing about this movie, other than Sarah (one here, not my Sarah) had been urging me to watch it for a while. So, I watched it. It was a very interesting movie, neat concept. German, with subittiles. Which meant i had to stay awake. That was kind of hard :) but it was still a very good movie, with awesome music. and now i have it on my hard drive ;)

Walked Christy home again. Came back, fell asleep til 2pm. Woke up. Actually did a little bit of homework. Wasted most of the day, talking with sarah, etc. etc. etc. Wasn't in a really great movie. Mostly because I feel bad for spending time not talking to Sarah when I could be. I don't know, this whole college thing kind of sucks - not being able to spend time with my girlfriend and my friends. I wis hthere was a social way to be on the computer, but unfortunately, even for us CS majors, talking to SO who lives miles away is not generally a group actvitiy :)

Actually did the math homework for the first section last night between noon and 2, and did most of the second section stuff in class today. So, I'm ahead on that. Have a chem lab tomorrow I haven't done the prelab for, although I have done all the online stuff for my chem class and chem lab, which is a godo thing. Had class from 10-1:30. Wrote the beginning of this entry while ignoring my boring Music prof. :) It kept me awake, which is what matters. 4 pages handwritten - it's been a long time since i wrote much of anything handwritten that was that long. granted, that only got me up through haiku tunnel. All the rest has been right off the top of my head.

5 days (max. Not sure if it's going to be friday or saturday yet). until i see sarah again. *sigh of happiness* i miss her so much. I just want to be all cuddly and snuggly again.

And this is your long long long post catching you up with my weekend. Hooray, eh? ;)

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