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I watched 12 hours of movies. I've seen them all before, and i'm not going to review them or anything, but i just thought i'd mention that.

HP in CoS - with Shannon. Excellent film. Met someone else from st. charles, who graduated before the mold-break.

MR - Christy and Shannon both came over. Christy hadn't seen it before, so that was fun. and she liked it, which is very good. Suggestion - never tell me that moulin rouge is bad ;) Shannon left after this, cause she wanted to go to latenight.

Crazy/Beautiful - good, cute movie. I liked it, and it allowed christy and i to talk about missing our people back home ;)

Haiku Tunnel - Always a great flick to laugh at. good fun, good fun.

Ocean's 11 - I love this movie more every time i see it. I don't know what it is, but it just never gets old.

Walked christy back to FAR so she wouldn't get raped on the way, ran back, did some support. Fell asleep around 6am, woke up around noon. Got up, got online, found out about an anime club meeting. Went, got thoroughly confused because all the series are in like ep 10 or 11 of a 12-13 ep run. :) Came back, ate dinner, got online. That's about it.

For the moment - i'm all movied out. ;)

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