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(no subject)

I got an A on my cs173 exam! Granted, there may still be grades going in which will adjust the score down, but right now I'm getting a better score than 86% of the class -which is just barely sneaking by with an A! Hooray!

For the few of you who still don't know, CS173 is a computer science "theory" course that I'm takne. CS theory, apparently means math. HARD math. At least for me. Proofs, number theory, set theory, recursion and etc. I've never been very good at proofs, and this class is very good at proving that to me. I was very worrired about the exam going on, but coming out i was very happy - everyone was complaining, and I felt good on it. Very enjoyable. I like that feeling :) So, I got an A on it. Happy Happy happy!

Alright. that's out of my system. Now it's time to go fall asleep in that class ;)

*muah* easy day today, so i should be around a lot. Catchya'll later.

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Congrats! I'm off to take my Economics test right now, whee.

btw, my arm is showing signs of muscle strain, so ignore my request from last night. i'll let you know if/when it feels better.

No more support until you feel all better, y'hear? :)

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